Your Dream Photoshoot

Notton House Photography is owned by Lesley Notton, a Shropshire photographer with a studio based in Lawley, Telford.  If you'd like beautiful family portraits or perhaps you'd like to treat yourself to a portrait session, I'm happy you're here!  I can't wait to present you with unique and memorable portraits - timeless photographs that you fall in love with over and over again.

My goal is to create images for you and your family that you will treasure for a lifetime, and pass down through the generations.

“This photoshoot is for you and all the people who love you.”
— lesley notton

Do you have family photographs at home that you treasure?  Perhaps you don't and would love photographs with your Mum, Dad, Daughters, Sons, Partner, Sisters or Brothers.  One of my absolute favourite photoshoots to do is a Generations shoot.  See the image below?  A Grandmother, Mother & Daughter.  Family photographs like this will be treasured and adored for hundreds of years.

It's not your job to be photogenic.  You don't have to love having your photo taken.  You don't need to know what to do or how to stand.  That's what I'm here for.  I'm here for you. It's my job to guide you through everything from planning your photoshoot, what to wear, how to prepare and what to do at the shoot itself.  It's my job to know that as a Shropshire photographer, I can use my skills and my camera to create stunning photographs that you'll love.

For me, it's an absolute honour to photograph you.  I love it when you come to see your photographs and gasp with excitement, cry tears of joy and say "Wow!  I can't believe that's me!  Now I see what other people see in me."  As women, we tend to see only our flaws or perceived imperfections.  We tend to ignore our natural beauty that shines through when we are confident and carefree.  When was the last time you looked in the mirror or at a photograph of yourself and said "Wow, I look amazing!  I am beautiful"?  I want you to be able to do that again.  I'll change the way you see yourself.

I promise to create beautiful and inspiring images for you and your family that stand the test of time.  No more horrible 80's posing or cheesy photos straight out of the high street.  This is your dream photoshoot.  How you want to be photographed, with who you want to be photographed with.  Wearing beautiful gowns and enjoying some girl time with your mother, sister, daughter or best friends.

Cherish these people in your lives.  Celebrate your relationships.  Immortalise your love forever.

Shropshire Photographer

My portrait photography is more like a fashion shoot with style and personality.  You've seen those beautiful Vogue styled magazine covers and Vanity Fair portraits of celebrities.  Those people are no different from you.  Celebrities are Mothers, Business Women, Daughters and Sisters too.  You too can have the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of yourself.  As a Shropshire Photographer, it's my promise to give that to you - and to as many women worldwide as I possibly can!  You deserve this!

How would you love to be pampered for a day?  Think hair, makeup, styling and wardrobe.  My beautiful studio is based in Lawley Village, Telford, Shropshire and is filled with the most beautiful natural light.  With a separate dressing room, you'll be treated to professional hair & makeup with our fantastic stylists.  I also have a variety of gowns and dresses for you to choose from, but as part of your portrait session planning, you'll be given advice and tips on how to create something amazing from your wardrobe at home too.

Where do you dream of being photographed?

Perhaps you'd love the comfort and privacy of my beautiful studio in Lawley, Shropshire.  Or maybe you've always wanted to go to a beautiful city like Paris, Venice, London or Rome?  Perhaps your dream portrait session would be in a field full of flowers, on the beach or in the hills and valleys of Wales, Italy, Switzerland or France?

I invite you to experience a photoshoot with me.

Use the calendar below to book a meeting to discuss your dream photoshoot