Why Have a Portrait Session?

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My Portrait Session is what every woman secretly wants and more importantly, what all women need.  It's self love and self worth.  We view time spent on ourselves as a luxury, instead of something that should be part of our life.  As women, we can spend all our time, thoughts, money, energy and love on everyone else - our husbands, partners, children; the home, extended family and work.

A Portrait Session is a few hours, just for you.

Imagine spending a morning with the girls, chatting, laughing and telling stories.  Add in beautiful hair and makeup done by  team of professionals while you sit and sip champagne.  You'll wear that stunning dress you bought because you fell in love with it but you never get the chance to wear it.  The beautiful gown that makes you feel like a princess.

Sprinkle on some glittering diamonds which sparkle in the light or soft pearls that remind you of a time gone by.  You'll feel like a movie star in front of the camera.

See yourself as I see you, through my lens and be awed by yourself again.

That's why you deserve to have your own portrait session.  To be seen as the incredible, strong, elegant, beautiful woman you are.

Close your eyes for a moment...  Imagine how it feels...  The silk of your gown on your skin, the bubbles of chilled champagne on your lips and the twinkle in your eye as your soul lifts and you come back to who you truly are.


Enjoy your photoshoot with your children, partner, mother, sister or best friend.  Or simply take the time for yourself, to reconnect with the woman you are inside and let me create beautiful portraits of you that you will treasure for a lifetime and pass down through the generations.


Who deserves to be pampered
to #existinphotos
to be SEEN.

for yourself
for your family
for all the people you love
and all those who love you

Exist in beautiful portraits
and create your legacy
for now and for
generations to come.
— lesley notton