Fusion Films

Fusion Films are the perfect blend of photography and videography united together in one beautiful showreel.  A fusion film tells the story of your wedding day with real, live moving video footage taken by us on your special day!  The footage is then edited and perfectly blended with your wedding photographs to bring together a stunning showreel of your wedding day.

Re-live your wedding day all over again with your own personalised wedding fusion film!  Call 07706 599815 for more info on our fusion films or email me.  You can also check out the FAQ's below!

Fusion Film FAQ's

How does it work?

You've booked Ian & I to photograph your wedding day (yay!). During the wedding we'll be taking a lot of beautiful photographs for you but there are times that video can be used without missing out on any of the important shots.  During these times, video is a wonderful addition to your photography package.  Our cameras are amazing - we can switch back and forth between stills (normal photography) and videography in seconds.

Will my guests notice you are filming?  I don't want a big video camera around on my wedding day!

This is yet another benefit of our service!  We are there as your photographers and that is exactly what your wedding guests will think we are!  They wont even notice that we have switched over to HD video mode and are filming!  No huge video camera in sight!

Do I need to have my wedding filmed?

It's not essential - in fact to some people it's seen as a luxury.  But I beg to differ.  If you ask Brides what their one regret was, they usually say that they wish they had their wedding filmed!

Will I need to hire a separate videographer too?  Can you work with one?

That's up to you.  A great videographer is amazing - but they can be hard to find and the great ones are expensive!  We don't do the job of a professional videographer - we don't video the whole day from start to finish.  We are primarily your wedding photographers.  But we know how expensive weddings are, we often get asked if we do videography so it got us thinking!  If Notton House Photography could provide a fusion of film and photography to our Brides & Grooms then we should!  Its always been our promise to give you the most incredible memories of your wedding day - memories that will last forever and travel through the generations - and so launched our fusion films!  We'll happily work alongside any other videographer you have on the wedding day, we aren't stepping on their toes at all and they aren't stepping on ours!

What do you video?

We'll capture special footage during your preparations, your guests arriving, the Groom waiting nervously at the altar, memorable moments during the ceremony, the reception and the first dance - plus much more!

What do we receive?

You'll receive a beautiful showreel from your wedding day, specifically created for you by us and set to music.  Dependant on the wedding the showreel can last anywhere from 5-10 minutes. You wont need more than that!

Can I just ask my brother's friend to video it?

You can, but it will look like your brother's friend did it.  Probably on his iPhone or a small SLR camera.  With photography and videography, you really do get what you pay for!

When do I receive my Fusion Film Showreel?

At the exact same time as your wedding photographs! - sometimes even earlier!  I LOVE to surprise my Brides & Grooms so don't be too shocked if you receive something in your inbox while you're still on honeymoon!  And of course, all our Fusion Films are presented on your beautiful crystal USB Flash Drive too.

Do you travel?

Absolutely!  Ian and I love to travel so anywhere you are, we are happy to be there too!

How do I book?

All you need to do is book us for your wedding photography and we'll discuss your Fusion Film when we meet!  You can call me on 01952 501965 or email me to see if your wedding date is available.