Engagement Photo Session Ideas

Why have an Engagement Photo Session?

There are so many reasons to have an Engagement Photo Session!  Here are just a few and some fabulous ideas to get the best out of your photoshoot!

Reason #1: When was the last time you and your fiancé had a professional photo shoot?  Never?  I thought so!  You have just got engaged, the wedding date is set and you are ready to start planning your dream wedding!

Just like you, newly engaged couples all over the world are planning the biggest day of their lives and finding their dream wedding photographer to capture every moment of it.  You are going to be photographed all day, but wait...!  How do you stand?  What are your best angles?  Do you have to smile in every photo?  Even if you are one of the few lucky people that actually love being in front of a camera, your wedding day is special and you want to look your best!  And believe me, there are as many Grooms-to-be out there having the same thoughts as there are Brides!

Reason #2: Engagement sessions are great for making sure that you pick the photographer that best suits your style which is why all our full day wedding packages include and Engagement Session free of charge.

Reason #3: We want you to be comfortable with us on your wedding day, to know how we work and to love having us around.  Engagement Photo Sessions take away the unknown (where will we stand, how close will we be to you, will you get my best side?!) and therefore strip away all the nerves and leave you to enjoy your wedding, entrusting that your photographs will be amazing!

Reason #4:  Sent your Save the Dates yet?  Engagement Photo Sessions are a perfect way to create unique and personal Save the Dates for your wedding guests!  Having an Engagement Party?  Send out beautiful invitations for it featuring you and your Groom!  Add a photo from your Engagement Session as a fun extra in your wedding invitations!

Reason #5: Yet another reason to have an Engagement Photo Session is to commemorate the special moment in your lives.  It's your chance to tell your love story, the story of how you met, how your love grew, your unique style as a couple and what brings you closer together everyday.  Show off your love and your everyday life - where you like to hang out, what hobbies you do together and even where you had your first date!

Need some unique and interesting ideas for your Engagement Photo Session?  Read on!

Engagement Photo Session Ideas - Love the Outdoors?


1.  Have a romantic picnic.  Picnics are fabulous for engagement photo sessions.  Pick a local beauty spot or park, throw down a blanket, hamper, bottle of your favourite bubbly or wine and relax!

2.  Camping or Glamping.  Camping is always fun!  Grab a cloth and some beanpoles for a crafty handmade teepee, snuggle up in a hammock or pitch up a tent and open fire!

3.  Day on the Beach.  Who doesn't love a day on the beach!  Think seashells, wave lapping at your feet, piggy back rides in the sea, writing in the sand, footprints, sandcastles, huddled under a blanket watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

4.  Go sailing.  Or on a canoe, paddle boat, raft or even a blow up dingy!  Anything in the water will be adorable with the silver sparkling water around you or the reflections at sunrise / sunset.

5.  Engaged in Autumn / Winter?  That doesn't have to stop you from holding your engagement photo session outside! Throw golden autumnal leaves in the air, build a snowman, have a snowball fight or go sledging!  Choose a location with thick frosty trees, wooden lodges or a hotel and snuggle up by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa!

6.  Go Floral.  Springtime is a beautiful time for your engagement session photos!  Find a lavender field near your home, picture yourself in a field full of wildflowers!  Pick flowers, have a picnic amongst the blooms and be young and free again!

7.  Take a hike!  Got a wonderful beauty spot nearby?  Go for a romantic walk and visit places of natural beauty - these could be lakes, waterfalls, feeding the ducks and watching the sunset.

8.  Get your pets involved.  Are you animal lovers?  Have a horse or a dog who is just as much part of your family as you are?  Bring them along!  Visit the stables for a rustic styled shoot or play with your pup in the park for some frolicking fun!

9.  Have children?  Many of our Brides & Grooms already have children before they get married.  What could be sweeter than announcing your engagement with your little one holding up a sign saying "Mummy & Daddy are getting married!"

10. Stargaze.  Who said your engagement photo session had to be during the day!  Grab the golden hour (the hour before the sun sets or rises) or hold your session at night.  Lay down on a rug and stargaze up at the beautiful night sky.

Engagement Photo Session Ideas - Are you a Foodie at heart?

11.  Have a quiet candle-lit dinner.  You don't need to be in a restaurant for this!  Grab a small table and 2 chairs, a simple dish of yummy food (perhaps what you ate on your first date?!) and set them up outside!

12.  Food fight anyone?  You've always wanted to have one, admit it!

13.  Go retro.. Loving all that American retro vibe at the moment? Find yourself a local retro sweet shop for a little bit of sweet loving!

14. All star USA.. Ok so all things American are kinda in right now.. How about a visit to a 50's style diner?  Think roller blades, milkshakes and pancakes for breakfast!

15. Love beer?  Find your local brewery and ask if you can have your engagement photo session near the barrels!  You'l get a gorgeous rustic feel to your images and may even be able to create your own beer for your wedding drink!

16.  More of a wine & diner? How about a vineyard tour and snack on some cheese, crackers and grapes for a midday brunch.

Engagement Photo Session Ideas - The Sporty Couple

17. Are you a sports fan at heart?  Grab a ball and have a go!  Wear your favourite sporting team shirt and go and play ball!  The possibilities are endless: football, baseball, tennis, cricket...

18. Are you a Bowling King & Queen?  Don your bowling shoes and have a game!

19. Love pool at the local bar or pub?  Go for a game or two in your local haunt together, bars can have fabulous lighting and retro jukeboxes too!

20. Play Mini Golf!  It's not just for kids and I bet you did it on one of your first dates together!

Engagement Photo Session Ideas - The Jet-Setters

holding hands.jpg

21. Road Trip! Last minute weekend away? Don't mind if we do!  Grab some old maps rather than relying on the sat nav, a weekend bag and head out to the open road!

22. Train station.  This location is not just for train enthusiasts!  They can be crazy romantic!  Stand near the track with an old suitcase, lean out of the window of a stopped train, kissing in a a private booth, walking alongside deserted train tracks.. Oh the old vintage romance of it all!

23. Are you a car nut? Jump in to your prized possession (and your fiancée!) and show them both off in all their glory at the top of a hill or go for dark and stormy feel in a deserted multi story car park.

24. Airport.  Loads of people, excitement, suitcases.. go old vintage or modern with this fun location for you jet-setters!

Engagement Photo Session Ideas - The Crafty & Arty Couple

25. Graffiti.  Oh how a photographer loves graffiti!  Bright colours, weird and wonderful locations.  give your engagement photo session an edgy urban feel.

26. Paint fight! Another one for fabulous bright and colourful action shots!  Just don't wear your best designer dress.  Or do - it's up to you!  you could also use powdered chalk or coloured water!

27. You've been Framed!  So easy and so much fun!  head out to your local charity shop or car boot sale and grab some unique picture frames!  You could frame yourselves in places you went on dates to, or just grab some props (think moustaches, hats, signs) and do a mini photo booth!

28. Old Skool..  Remember the fun you used to have with chalk as a kid?  The pictures on the school playground?  Grab some coloured chalk and create messages of love, draw hearts around your feet and play hop scotch again!

29. The Movies. Got an old movie theatre or stage nearby? Grab a couple seats and cuddle up for some theatre love!  Got a favourite film you both adore?  Why not re-enact your fave scenes?

Do the Things you Love

30. Circus / Carnival. So much to do here!  win that giant cuddly teddy bear, go on the ferris wheel together, eat candy floss!  The colours here are fab!

31. Dance! Together, apart, holding hands, up close, twirling round.  Ballroom, Latin, club, Salsa.  Indoors, outdoors.  In a field, in a club, on a stage, at a party, by a fountain... you get the idea!

32. Bookworm? Head to your local library and have some secret, peeking through the books kinda romance.

33.  Love to Play Music Together? If you are a musical couple (or even just one of you is) then grab your instrument and serenade each other.


34.  Valentines.  It's all reds, pinks and romance for this idea.  Have fun with a heart theme and use props!  Heart balloons, handheld signs such as "I'm his Mrs; I'm her Mr" or "I said Yes!".

35. St Patrick's Day.  Go green with St Patrick's Day for your engagement photo session!  head to your local Irish pub for a Guinness and have fun!

36. Easter Love. Go for an Easter Egg hunt at your wedding venue or park. Grab a cute wicker basket and show everyone how 'eggcellent' your love is! (excuse the bad, bad pun!)

37. Halloween. Go pumpkin picking together!

38. Christmas. Decorate a tree together or wander though your nearest big city under their Christmas lights!

There are so many fabulous and unique ideas for your engagement photo session, it may be hard to decide!  Choose a couple of your favourites to email me and together we can create a beautiful experience for you!  Don't forget to bring a couple of outfit changes and simple props too!  Giant balloons, hats, funny glasses or your favourite board game...!