Why is Posing such a Dirty Word?


Have you ever wondered why 'posing' is such a dirty word?

If your Portrait or Wedding Photographer knows what they are doing, your photos will be natural, fun and properly posed - although they may look as if they haven't been posed at all.

We all remember cheesy 80's posing, bad school photos, and being ushered in to place by a well-meaning relative at a party or wedding. We saw the photos, we cringed, and thereafter 'posing' became a big, horrible dirty word.

A little heads-up here, all the photos that you think aren't posed, ARE.  I promise you.

The fact is, that posing is a true art form.  It takes time, skill and a whole lot of practice to master the art of posing and is something that truly makes or breaks a photograph.

So why is posing so important?

'Posing' is just a term us photographers use when we shape your body.  That's what I'm really doing when I pose you.  I'll shape your body from your toes right up to your head, creating beautiful hourglass curves and showing you all your natural beauty.

Inspiration for my posing, especially with my portrait session and bridal posing is taken from a variety of sources.  Sue Bryce is a world renowned, multi award winning photographer and educator and the true master of posing.  I've been studying with Sue as my Mentor for 3 years now and she is incredible!  Along with my Sue Bryce inspired photos, I take my inspiration from contemporary magazines like Vanity Fair & Vogue.  Another huge influence for me is Annie Lebovitz.  Have you seen she poses and lights her clients?  It's mind-blowing.

As a wedding photographer in Shropshire, I'm often asked by Brides & Grooms if I take natural photos as the wedding day unfolds.  Of course, I most definitely do and these are know in the industry as candid photos.  When a Bride says she doesn't want any posed photos, I always double check:

Bride: I only want natural, unposed photos please.
Me: Ok, sure.  Can I double check then, are you still wanting Group Family Photos?
Bride:  Oh, yes definitely!
Me: OK great, what about your Newlywed session?
Bride: Yes! We definitely want that!
Me: And how about Group Photos of the Bridal Party?
Bride:  Yes please!

Brides don't always realise that all the types of photos they want are actually posed to some degree.  And that's the key here.  You can pose people completely from head to toe and with every single person, or you can pose the group lightly, as is often done in wedding groups.


In a Portrait Session with me, you'll be posed from head to toe because this photoshoot is all about you.  About putting your best foot forward and creating stunning photographs of yourself that will become family heirlooms.  You still have those gorgeous sepia or black and white photos of your Grandparents or Great Grandparents, right?  You'll treasure those forever and these photographs will be those treasured prints for your Great Grandchildren too.

One of the most important reason for posing people in photographs is that it relaxes people!  You've probably never been photographed professionally before and if I just let you wing it, you probably wont have a clue what to do, how to stand, where to put your hands or which angles and shapes make you look your best.  That's my job to help you do that, not yours!

So next time you hear the word 'posing' try to give it just a little more love, it's here for you! ;)

With love,


Notton House Photography

PS - If you like tips on posing and how to look gorgeous in photos forever, grab my free guide here!