How to get Perfect Wedding Photos - Part 3 - The 'Formal' Photos

How to get Perfect Wedding Photos

- Part 3 - The 'Formal' Photos

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After your wedding ceremony, it's time for your wedding photos.  But don't worry, we don't steal you away immediately!   Relax and greet all your friends and family first.  It's your wedding day - enjoy it!  It's also the perfect time for Ian and I to capture beautiful, relaxed and natural wedding photos of you and your wedding guests.  Grab a drink (trust me, you'll be thirsty!) and spend some time mingling and chatting to your guests.

Wedding Photos - Your Group Portraits

After a while, I'll come and get you for your group portraits.

We'll have picked out the best location for your photographs beforehand so we'll take everyone straight there.  The location of your wedding photos will have beautiful natural light with either a gorgeous landscape as your backdrop, or with your venue behind you, depending on where you're getting married.

We'll have chatted before hand about your favourites spots at your wedding venue, so if there is a particular location you love, such as a beautiful old tree, by a lake, or perhaps somewhere inside we'll take a smaller group of people there - usually the Bridal Party works well in these locations.

Try to allow at least 1.5 hours for your reception drinks within your timeline - but 2 hours is best.  This may initially seem like a long time but your wedding photos will whizz by so quickly!  If you are concerned about your guests getting restless whilst the rest of your wedding photos are taken you can provide entertainment, musicians or perhaps lawn games to keep everyone busy!

Wedding Photos - Why a Toast Master rocks!

During your reception drinks is the time when your Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies really comes in to play.  A great Toastmaster will be able to help guests with any queries they have (where's the powder room?!) as well as helping your wedding photos to run smoothly and quickly.  One of the best Toast Masters I have ever worked with is Iain Pompei.  He is fabulous!

Whilst Ian and I are photographing one group of people, your Toast Master will be organising the next group using the group photo list you and I have created together.  If you have decided not to have a Toastmaster for any reason, your Ushers are your heroes here!

We'll wrap up your wedding photos within an hour (usually much less, depending on how many groups you would like photographed) and give you and your husband more time to mingle with your guests and enjoy some champagne and canapés.

 Photo by Lesley Notton, Notton House Photography (

Wedding Photos - Your Newlywed Portraits

Around 30 minutes before it's time for you to be seated for your wedding breakfast, I'll take you both off for your newlywed session.  By this time, you'll both be super relaxed in front of the camera and needing a few moments alone together!  We'll go to another stunning location within your wedding venue and capture the love between the two of you.  You'll finally get the chance to be alone, talk, kiss and enjoy the day together before the rest of the day unfolds.

The beautiful image above was taken by us at the stunning Runnymede Hotel in Egham, Surrey just last month.  Even though there was some rain, lots of guests around and a few passers-by stopping to congratulate the newlyweds, this beautiful photograph completely sums up Beth & Richard.  SO in love, SO in to each other.  And in such a beautiful location along the riverside!  Perfect!

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