Wedding Photo Ideas for the Groom

Wedding Photo Ideas for the Groom

Hi!  I hope you are loving this mini blog series on Wedding Photo Ideas..  Next week we will be focusing on Wedding Photo Ideas with your Bridesmaids - this week, we are talking all about Wedding Photo Ideas for the Groom!  At Notton house Photography you have not just one, but two wedding photographers to capture your special day, and lets face it, sometimes the Groom gets missed out a little!  When I'm with your during your bridal preparations, Ian will be with your Groom and it's so much fun to see what the boys are up to the morning of the wedding!  Here are some fantastic ideas for Wedding Photo Ideas for the Groom throughout the whole day.  Let's dive straight in!

The Groom Prep: Guys like having slightly different photos to us girls when it comes to weddings - us girls tend to like the romantic and pretty shots, the men love the fun and camaraderie that happens in Groom Prep.  Being a guy himself, Ian gets to encapsulate all that without sticking out like little ole' me might!  One photograph he always captures is the boys having some fun together, whether it's a round of 'Dutch courage' or a round of golf!

Styled to Perfection: Whether it's the Groom fixing his hair in the mirror, or half a dozen men trying to tie a cravat or pin on a buttonhole, these photos are not to be missed!

The Godfather: Yep, all men have watched that film and they know exactly what to do when I say it to them!  Out comes the swagger and the bravado, and it makes for an awesome photo opportunity.

Boys will be Boys!: You've just got to have it - men will always find a chance to do something daft to one another at some point during the wedding day!

Father & Son:  A proud moment for the Father of the Groom.  He did his job and raised his boy in to a man!

The Groom at Play: To get this kind of image, I get all the guys together and then start talking about the Stag Party or something that came up in the Best Man's speech!  I love the natural results I get every time!

Last but definitely not least, it's The Groom dancing with his Mum.  The look on her face will be pure joy.  Priceless!

These are just a few of our favourite shots t get on the day with the Groom, do you have any more to add to our Wedding Photo Ideas for the Groom list?  Share them in the comments below!  If you don't want to miss Wedding Photo Ideas with your Bridesmaids click here to sign up to our newsletter!