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Notton House Photography's FIRST Wedding! #ThrowbackThursday

This blog post started off as a status update over on our page Notton House Photography but got so long I decided to turn it in to a blog post instead.  You may have noticed that lately I've been upping my game and posting even more gorgeousness on Facebook lately.  #ThrowbackThursday is about to become a more regular occurrence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you've not joined us there yet, do it now!  Today's #tbt is all about me becoming a Sunbury wedding photographer for the beautiful Erin and her dashing Groom, Matthew.

It seems pretty apt that I start with the first wedding we ever did, way back in 2010 for our fabulous clients and friends Erin & Matt.

Yes, you read that right - our very first professional paid wedding was that of our friends - I know CRAZY, huh?   A lot of wedding photographers & portrait artists I know never do their friends or family's weddings or photo sessions due to the extra pressure involved in photographing something so momentous and for someone so special to them..

Never mix business with pleasure, right?

But we did.  And just in case you are wondering - yep, we are still best of friends to this day and have since taken family portraits, children's portraits and boudoir portraits with them.

Awesome.  The level of trust, reliability and care we put in to every session, every photograph and every moment really matters to us.


Every photographer has to do that FIRST paid photo session or that FIRST paid wedding. This was ours. I was sooo nervous!

I arrived at Erin's Mums home to a flurry of Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, hair & make-up artists and of course the Bride all getting ready in nervous excitement.

I had been photographing families, children, landscapes and pets for a few years now but this was a WEDDING.  Scrap that, this was MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING!  Talk about pressure!

I knew my camera, I had the right lenses and I knew how to take amazing photographs.  But your best friends wedding only happens once and there was no room for mistakes!  I had triple checked all my equipment and then checked it all again.  SD cards? Check. Camera? Check. Back up Camera? Check. Batteries, Flashes, Reflectors, Camera Bags, list of desired group shots, timeline for the day...Check.

Their wedding was perfect.  [Tweet "*Brides! 'Perfect' doesn't always mean 'without a hitch' but it means perfect for you!"]


Their wedding was fun, fresh, romantic and inspiring.  The Groom's speech made me cry (behind my lens!) and Erin could not have looked any more beautiful.  This couple were made for each other.

Wedding_Photographer_ Notton_House_Photography

Without Erin & Matt, I never would have had the courage to take my passion for photography and turn it in to a full time, successful business!

[Tweet "Created out of a pure love & passion for all the moments that make our lives unique & special.  This is what we do"]

As with every Bride & Groom who carefully meets with and selects her Wedding Photographer, Erin & Matt had fallen in love with our work and knew that we were the right photographers for them.  We just clicked.

Sunbury_Wedding_Photographer_ Notton_House_Photography

If it hadn't been for the trust they placed in myself & Ian to photograph their wedding, the confidence they gave me to take my skills as a photographer and create Notton House Photography then I would have such a different life right now.  So THANK YOU! (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!)


So you know how much Ian & loved photographing Erin & Matthew's wedding, but what did the Bride & Groom themselves think?

Here's what they had to say!

"We had so much fun with you on our wedding day!  My hairdresser and make up artist both commented on how discreet you were at getting the preparation shots. Many of our guests said that they had fun in being in the group photos too!  You definitely went the extra mile for us and made our images so special.Having two wedding photographers was really important to us, we wanted every detail captured!  The wedding collections you offer are amazing for the value we received and we will definitely recommend Notton house Photography - in fact we already have! You were so friendly to both us and our wedding guests on the day, even with the added pressure of the wedding itself.You made me feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera which is rare for me!  Thank you for everything, you guys are the best!"

Erin & Matthew