How to: Pick the Perfect Wedding Stationery


How to: Pick the Perfect Wedding Stationery

how to pick your perfect wedding stationeryThe date is set, the venue is amazing and you have your photographer all booked in.

Now it's time to pick the perfect wedding stationery and let all your family and friends know your date!

Last month I had the opportunity to interview Emma of ELS-Design.  Emma has been in the wedding business for over 10 years and got married herself in that time so she knows all about weddings - from both sides of the coin!  Emma is a self confessed wedding addict (a bit like me!!) and loves all things vintage, fabulous and creating unique and perfect wedding stationery for your big day.

Right now, one of my best friends is planning her wedding day.  She was my Bridesmaid 4 years ago and we have been friends for over 20 years as we met in middle school! (oh dear we sound old!!)  I've got a ton of connections in the industry and with every wedding I photograph, wedding fair we go to, supplier I speak to and interview I do, (not to mention my evening trips on Pinterest!) even I'm confused with the amount of options out there for Brides!

With that in mind, lets get to talking about wedding stationery - and the very important decisions of how to pick the perfect wedding stationery for your big day.

99.9% of the time, this is the very first thing that your guests will see relating to your wedding.

You'll probably send out your Save the Date cards straight away, giving your family and friends as much notice as possible to put that all important date in their diary!  Your guests will immediately pick up the card and make assumptions on your wedding based on this alone!  Your colour scheme, the thickness of the card, whether you've picked a super shiny modern design or a vintage textured card and soft pastel colours!

how to pick your perfect wedding stationery

Your choices are endless and you can quickly become overwhelmed - so lets get some tips from the pro's!

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Stationery

Lesley: "When a Bride is planning her this stage in her wedding, what would you recommend for her to do?"

Emma: "There are LOTS of wedding stationers to choose from, Google 'wedding invitations' and you'll be inundated, but not necessarily with the best!  We recommend ordering samples from at least 5 companies to compare the quality of their work and see what kind of customer service you receive. This is important because for most couples this is the first time they will have had a wedding stationer and they have nothing to compare it to.  Another great way to chose a stationer is to attend a wedding show, either locally or one of the larger ones where you get to meet them in person.

We advise couples to book with their stationer at least 3 months before they would like to receive their invitations which means you need to start looking at designs at least 4-5 months before you would like to send them out. Most stationers are small independent companies and can only take on so much work and can get booked 3-4 months in advance.

We advise couples to send invitations to their guests at least 5-8 months before the wedding, the timescale is very much dependent on the time of year that your wedding is taking place (EG. Christmas and peak Summer weddings require invitations at least 7-8 months before). If you are sending Save the Date cards the timescales will be different again.  Just ask your stationer what they recommend."

how to pick your perfect wedding stationery

Before printed invitations came about, people would announce their wedding with the help of a Town Crier! Anyone within earshot would attend!

how to pick your perfect wedding stationery

Lesley:  "Lots of Brides these days want to do things themselves to save money, how long does it take to make a full set of wedding invites?"

Emma: "If you are thinking about making your own wedding stationery firstly consider how much time you have: an average hand finished invitation order can take up to 3 days to complete and that's with professionals making it for you!

You need to research the materials you require and see if the money you save out ways the time and professional finish you would get with a professional stationer. Remember, your wedding invitation speaks volumes about the wedding and first impressions count!"

how to pick your perfect wedding stationery

Lesley: "Could you give our Brides & Grooms some advice on what to do before they hire a stationer?  What should they ask about or look out for?"


  • Get a good idea of the look and theme that you would like to create for your big day, Pinterest is brilliant for this.
  • Order lots of samples! Order designs that reflect the look you are going for and when they arrive check to see how well made they are!
  • Thinks to check include: Do ribbons fall off? Is the card too flimsy? Is the envelope too thin? (you want a good quality envelope so they arrive to your guests looking great!)
  • Call the companies whose design you like the best and talk to them! Ask them about time scales, if designs can be tweaked, how proofing works etc

how to pick your perfect wedding stationery

Lesley: "Thanks so much for chatting with us Emma!  I loved your designs the minute I browsed your website and you certainly know your stuff! :)

If you'd like to know more about ELS-Design check out their website or give Emma a call on 01892 861 117. Mention Notton House Photography when you chat with them and Emma will give you 5% off your entire wedding stationery order! Yay! :)