Photo Ideas with your Bridesmaids

Photo Ideas with your Bridesmaids

When planning your wedding, one of the most exciting parts is choosing who will be your Bridesmaids, Best Man, Flower Girls & Page Boys.  As your wedding photographer, I have a list of fantastic groupings and photo ideas that we will chat through and you can pick out which suits your wedding.  Here are just a few of my favourite photo ideas with your Bridesmaids!

The Girly Sleepover: If your bridesmaids are sending the night before your wedding with you, this one is fabulous - if they can't stay the night before, you can still get this momentous photo!  When everyone arrives, jump on the bed and grab a quick photo with your photographer early in the morning of your wedding!  This works best if you are all in your pyjamas or dressing gowns!

Getting Ready: It's time to start getting ready so make sure you all look the part!  Have everyone wear matching robes, 'Team Bride' t-shirts or even a onesie!

Helping the Bride: There are a few options here.  I love to capture the Bridesmaids helping each other to put on jewellery or fixing lipstick.  Another really special photo for every Bride is the moment when her Bridesmaids (or Mum) help her in to her beautiful wedding dress.

Bridesmaids First Look: This is so much fun for everyone!  It needs a little planning but is well worth it.  It works best if none of your Bridesmaids have seen your wedding dress before the big day (although if they have you will look so gorgeous that it doesn't matter too much!).  Have all your Bridesmaids waiting for you in an adjoining room or with their hands over their eyes...  Count down and make your Grand Entrance!  The looks of awe, excitement and happy tears will be flowing and this makes for a truly cherished photograph!

Back of the Dresses: This photo idea with your Bridesmaids can be done after the ceremony during your group portraits.  You and your ladies probably hunted high and low for the perfect dresses for them to wear and a big part of that dress is what it looks like from the back!  Be sure to capture all that gorgeousness in a fun and pretty pose!

Bouquets Together: Another super wonderful part of being a Bridesmaid is having a bouquet to hold - don't forget to ask your wedding photographer to grab a beautiful shot of all those stunning flowers together.

Sisterly Love: If you have a sister, chances are she will be a Bridesmaid or your Maid of Honour.  I love to capture intimate moments between family when I photograph a wedding, right from the Bridal Preparations.  Securing on a special bracelet, a last minute hug of confidence and excitement or lots of sisterly love and giggles gets my vote every time and definitely deserves to be included in this list!

Strike a Pose: Do this one later on in the day, once everyone has relaxed and had a glass of champagne!  The last idea on my 'Photo Ideas with your Bridesmaids' list is to get together with your Bridesmaids and strike a pose!  Enjoy it and have fun!

Do you have any ideas you'd like to share?  Help out other Brides by posting them in the comments below!  Next week we will be all about Photo Ideas for the Groom... Click here so you don't miss it!