Maid for the Bride - Supplier Spotlight

Maid for the Bride - Supplier Spotlight

Welcome to the first edition of 'Supplier Spotlight'!  Each month I'll be spotlighting my personal favourite suppliers in the wedding industry.  These people have many years experience in the business and know their stuff!  Everyone on the Supplier Spotlight list I have worked with personally and can highly recommend!

Today's Supplier Spotlight is all about Maid for the Bride - a FANTASTIC service run by the lovely Ann Verrall.

Ann has worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years and has helped 1000's of Brides in her time.  Ann started off in the wedding business by helping at her cousin's bridal dress store and soon fell in love with everything wedding related.  She moved to another one of my favourite suppliers, Maid in Heaven (coming soon on Supplier Spotlight!) and worked there helping Brides find their perfect dress for 18 years!

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Ann now runs Maid for the Bride, a bespoke and personal service for the Bride on the most special day of her life, her wedding day.  Ann has helped Brides of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, skin tones and more find their perfect wedding dress.  She knows what works on a Bride and let me tell you, there is not a thing that this lovely lady doesn't know about wedding dresses!  Ann is a connoisseur of dress fixings, be it buttons, zips or lacing a dress, Ann is your Maid!

Maid for the Bride is a fabulous service that I truly believe every Bride needs on her wedding day.  I had the pleasure of knowing Ann from many years ago through Maid in Heaven and have since worked with her on the wedding day of Kelly & Gavin as Maid for the Bride.

So what is a Maid for the Bride?

Ann is your best friend, personal stylist, assistant, housekeeper, dresser, confidant and an extra pair of hands on your most precious day.

Not only can Ann help the Bride and Bridesmaids the morning of the wedding, she will also help the Mother & Father of the Bride too.

When Ann arrives she will take off her shoes and go to wash her hands - cleanliness and hygiene is part of the perfection she provides.  She'll go and see all the wedding clothing and check for labels, tags, stickers on shoes, prices on jewellery and accessories and remove them.  (So many times as a photographer do I do this and it takes up precious photography time, so Ann is a godsend to me in this respect!)

PRO TIP: When choosing your wedding colours, match your cravats or ties to the bridesmaids dresses, not the other way around!

Your Maid for the Bride will alter any dresses or clothing that is needed - she always has a sewing kit with her for emergencies!  Amongst all of this, Ann keeps an eye on the time for you and will let you and your Bridesmaids know when it's time to get dressed, ensure you have something to eat and make cups of tea and coffee for everyone.  She looks after your MUA and Hairstylist too so you don't need to worry about them!

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Remember my article on 'Perfect Wedding Photos - Bridal & Groom Prep'? Ann is your hero here too.  She keeps the getting ready location in tip top condition - clean, clear of rubbish and helps me move wedding dresses and accessories if needed.

If you have forgotten to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste, buy white wedding underwear, rescue remedy, or black socks for the Groom, Ann will go and do that for you too!

PRO TIP: Lift and move your veil out of the way before you sit down on your wedding day so you don't sit on it and pull it out of your hair.

Maid for the Bride is an exclusive and personal service which is built fully on recommendations and referrals.  To get in touch with Ann call her on 07825 083903 to discuss your needs for your wedding day.  Ann will create a bespoke package just for you and prices start at an incredible £50 for a 'dress only' service.

But Maid for the Bride doesn't stop there.  You can entrust your beautiful wedding dress to Ann for her to personally hand clean, professionally fold and box for you.

PRO TIP: Don't loop your dress up before the evening dancing begins otherwise you'll be sitting on the bustle which can be very uncomfortable!

When I met up with Ann for a chat last month, we had so much fun chatting about weddings and we could have talked forever!  Ann and I have the same ethics and an ethos when it comes to weddings - every wedding is unique, personal and it's the Bride & Groom's special day - we'll both do everything we can to ensure you are happy and well looked after!  We want to amaze you with our personal service and attention to detail.

It's because of this that Maid for the Bride has made it on to our Supplier Spotlight list and I would recommend her to anyone!

You can contact Ann on 07825 083903 to find out more about her services - please be sure to tell her I sent you!