What is a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer?

Ok, so you've just got engaged and you're starting to plan your perfect wedding day.  You've booked your dream wedding venue and got the date all set.  Next on your list is probably booking your wedding photographer.  But who do you choose?  How do you know what 'style' of wedding photographer you want or need?  What is the difference between a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer, a photojournalistic photographer, classic or one of the many others out there? Relax..

It's actually much simpler that it sounds!

It's true, there are many different types of photographers and within that many different styles of wedding photographers - when looking for your perfect wedding photographer you'll probably only need to know the basics of around five of them - and that's exactly what this post is designed to do.

Let's look at the five different styles of wedding photography first:

  1. Classic / Traditional Wedding Photographer
  2. Artistic Wedding Photographer
  3. Lifestyle Wedding Photographer
  4. Dramatic Wedding Photographer
  5. Documentary / Photojournalistic / Reportage Wedding Photographer

Classic / Traditional Wedding Photographer

A Classic Wedding Photographer is probably what your parents and grandparents had.  As such the older generations tend to like this style of photography as they will all be standing in a line, facing forward with a smile. It's very formal, with lots of photographs which have been set up and directed buy the photographer.  Usually lots of formal groups are done to a strict timeline.

The photographer has a lot of input with the groupings and spends a significant amount of time with the formal set-ups.  For the younger generation, we can feel a little too restricted with this style of wedding photography.  The resulting images can be perceived as 'too perfect' or 'too posed' . The people at the wedding are documented but not necessarily the atmosphere, enjoyment or happiness of the day.

Artistic Wedding Photographer

Artistic wedding photographers see the world hugely differently from everyone else.  This style of wedding photography usually attracts the wildly adventurous, untraditional and unique Brides and Grooms.  They tend to shoot very wide to give a lot of landscape to each image with the couple very small in the frame.

To be honest, I love a little bit of this style too, and we do take some photographs like this at weddings we have the pleasure of being involved in.  I love the variety it gives in our images.  The main drawback here is that it gives a completely different view of your wedding day and it's not always entirely realistic.  You'll probably find that you and your new Mr / Mrs are always quite small in the image - the photograph is of the scene rather than of you.

 Photo by Lesley Notton, Notton House Photography (www.nottonhousephotgraphy.com)

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

A Lifestyle Wedding Photographer captures the story of your wedding day.  We capture natural moments that are refined and a little directed.  (in case you hadn't guessed it Notton House Photography are lifestyle wedding photographers!)  We'll gently set up photographs for you but let your day unfold in it's natural way after setting up the shot.  For instance, we may help with getting everyone in view for your Bridal Party photos and then capture a formal photo of everyone smiling after we've said or done something silly to make you all laugh!  It's usually the laughing shots that our Brides and Grooms love the most and want to include in their wedding albums and put on social media.  We do a lot of work in advance to help you prepare for you wedding photographs and the day itself.

Brides who love a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer really treasure not just their wedding photos but also the moments captured in their wedding day.  The laughs, smiles, tears of joy and all the wonderful moments between family and friends. You will usually find that most lifestyle wedding photographers (including us!) will take a documentary style throughout some parts of the wedding day, for example during the ceremony and the evening reception and dancing.

Dramatic Wedding Photographer

With this style of wedding photography, lighting is key.  A dramatic wedding photographer will usually bring a lot of off camera lighting with them and take time to set up each shot and light it accordingly.  Think deep blacks and contrasting light areas, vivid enhanced skies and landscapes.

Documentary / Photojournalistic / Reportage Wedding Photographer

Now that's a title and a half!  All these terms come under the same style of wedding photography.  The photographer takes a step back completely and photographs whatever happens, whenever it happens! It's a little like a news photographer.  They wont pose you or your guests and every moment is entirely candid and spontaneous.

That all being said, just remember no two wedding photographers are the same.  We all see life a little differently and one of the unique things about a lifestyle wedding photographer is our ability to capture and see each moment in a unique and interesting way.

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I hope this has helped you when you are looking for your wedding photographer and if you'd like to know more of our style of lifestyle wedding photography, please call me on 07706 599815 or email me at lesley@nottonhousephotography.com for more info!

Love & Smiles,

Lesley xx