Kent Countryside Wedding - Ryan & Michael

Kent Countryside Wedding - Ryan & Michael tie the knot!

Ryan and Michael have the type of love story that could be made in to a Hollywood love story movie.  Ian and I met them last year and we hit it off straight away!  chose to have a romantic Kent countryside wedding in August of 2016.

Picture the scene.. it's a fresh spring day in April 2015 and two guys go to their local M&S shop to pick up some groceries.  Michael strolls along the fresh meat aisle and casually glances around him where he notices a tall dark handsome stranger.  They catch each others eye for a second and Michael continues on with his shopping.

At the next aisle, he sees the same man again, and then once more whilst walking down a third aisle.  As this point Michael, being the outgoing and cheeky character he is, says "Hey!  Do you want my phone number or something?!" (no doubt with that flirty smile of his!)  To his surprise, the handsome man introduces himself as Ryan, and says "Yes please!"   Before Michael even left the store he had a text message from Ryan asking him to go on a date with him!

Ryan and Michael went on their first date the following day - and the rest as they say, is history!  Michael proposed to Ryan at a place very close to his heart, Kemsing Hills in Sevenoaks.   Michael's late Grandfather had told Michael to never share this special place with any one - unless it was The One.  After an evening hike up the hill (Ryan wearing his smart shoes and thinking that a day trip would have been easier!) Michael popped the question.  Ryan of course, said yes straight away!

kent countryside wedding-ryan-&-Michael

A Kent Countryside Wedding - The Big Day

On 13th August 2016 Ryan and Michael were married at the beautiful Swarling Manor, a beautiful country estate which they both fell in love with immediately - the perfect venue for their Kent countryside wedding.

For these two men, who found their soul mates in each other, becoming united in marriage was the perfect way to show their love for each other in front of their family and friends.  They knew that their wedding photography was important to them and it would become their most treasure everlasting memories of that special day.

Both guys were pretty nervous on the wedding day and Ian and I planned a Secret Read at their request - I shed a tear behind the camera!  Just before the wedding ceremony, set in the beautiful gardens at Swarling Manor Ryan & Michael were led to a secret location at their Kent countryside wedding venue and stood back to back.  They read a letter they had written to each other and tears were in full force.

"It was so amazing, Ryan said, being able to feel Michael there standing back to back with him and holding his hand, listening to his voice and yet not be able to see him.  It was one of the precious moments of our wedding day.  We're so happy we did the Secret Read!"

Their words were beautiful.  The emotion was real.  Their love is true and everlasting.

The wedding and reception was perfect, decorated with sky blue and silver with an elegant Hollywood Glamour twist.

Ryan and Michael, we salute you.  You are meant to be!  Ian and I are honoured to have made two wonderful friends and have the privilege of photographing your wedding.

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