Interview with a Cake Maker... How to choose your wedding cake - part two

Interview with a Cake Maker...

how to choose your wedding cake part 2

A couple of months ago I gave away a ton of secrets from expert wedding cake maker Jackie Burden from Cakes and Drapes.  If you missed out, check them out here!  In part 2 of 'Interview with a Cake Maker... How to choose your wedding cake' I will reveal expert Jackie Burden's SUPER TOP TIP that no one should forget on their wedding day, advice for Brides who want a 'naked cake' how to fit your cake to your theme, plus tons more!

Here goes...

How to choose your wedding cake - part two

As a Bride it can be difficult to choose your wedding cake.  How many tiers should you have?  What shape?  How many people will it feed and how do you create something unique and personal to you and your wedding?

Here are Jackie's Top Tips:

1.  Decide if you want your wedding cake to take centre stage or fit your wedding theme.  (Read more on that here)

2.  Discuss with your Groom his ideas for the cake - it's a great opportunity to involve his hobbies and interests as well as your own.  Do you love to travel together?  Are you both huge football fans or love a particular film?

3.  Do you want your wedding cake to be wild and wacky (anything goes!) or more traditional that fits with your wedding theme?

4.  Make sure you cake suits your venue!  If you have an old rustic barn for your reception, then you'll probably want a rustic or naked cake.  If your venue is a beautiful and elegant hotel with high ceilings, then a short or single layer cake would look silly.  Replicate those high ceilings with a tall and elegant cake or 4-5 tiers or more.

5.  Naked cakes are so popular at the moment - but they do dry out much quicker as they have no icing to protect the outside.  Naked cakes should be made as late as possible and set up later in the evening or after the wedding breakfast to prevent the cake from going dry.

6.  Co-ordinate your cake with your flowers and colour scheme

7.  Make sure your cake is personal to you.  It's a great opportunity to add little details of your lives together!

8.  Adding 'fake' tiers of cake doesn't always reduce the price of your wedding cake!  It's mainly the design and detailing on the cake which adds makes the price increase so you will still have this even on a 'fake/foam' tier.  If you need more cake and are on a tighter budget or it spoils the number of tiers or design on the cake, try having a separate 'cutting' cake which doesn't have all the fancy design on kept in the venue's kitchen or given to your caterer.

Ever heard the old adage:

[Tweet ""Good cake isn't cheap and cheap cake isn't good!""]

And beware - just because someone can make a great birthday cake, does not mean they are able to do everything involved to create a fabulous wedding cake.

So what do you need to know before choosing your wedding cake maker?

1.  Ask to see real examples of their work.  Real photos and some sample cakes (they will have some that they take to wedding fairs etc)

2.  Taste the cake - especially the flavours you want for your cake

3.  How do they put the cake together? Any professional Cake Maker can tell you exactly how they do it - step by step

4.  When will they actually make your cake?  Do they freeze them?

5.  How many weddings have they done?

6.  What happens if they are ill?  Do they have a back up plan or anyone they will recommend you to in an emergency?

7.  Ask them about any problems or issues they have had.  They should be happy to tell you how they overcome them!  Everyone has a problem sometime!

8.  Do they deliver personally? Use a courier service?  Do you need to collect the cake? Do they charge mileage?

9.  Are they registered with Environmental Health?  They must be legally so if they say no - run a mile!  This means that they are regularly inspected and should be fully insured too.

10.  Ask to see proof of their hygiene rating.  They wont be offended!  Baking cakes is a low risk venture in terms of their hygiene rating so an experienced and professional Cake Maker should have 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

That's it for now!  Don't forget to visit Jackie Burden at Cakes and Drapes for your next occasion or wedding cake!

And as I promised you..

Jackie's SUPER TOP TIP for every.  single.  wedding is...

"Book a bloody good Photographer!!!"

Jackie is speaking from experience here - from her own wedding :(

"You love your wedding cake, you carefully selected your venue, decor, flowers and dresses - do not miss out on a good wedding photographer!  Your photos are the one thing from your wedding day that will last you a lifetime (and more!) so if there is one thing I say to every one of my couples it's to book a fantastic wedding photographer and never scrimp on this aspect of your big day.  You'll regret it if you do!"

We've all heard the horror stories - don't let yours be next!

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