I Need a Wedding Photographer - But I Don't Like Having my Photo Taken

Hello! At least 50% of the Brides I speak to say this to me:

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Trust me, you are not the only one thinking this!  One of my main jobs as a professional wedding photographer is getting my Brides & Grooms to relax and be at ease with me on their wedding day.  Building a good relationship with my clients creates trust - and that makes for better photos all round.

Enjoy your wedding day

You are getting married! Enjoy your wedding day and it will show in your photos!  Every couple I've ever photographed on their wedding day has had a beautiful glow about them - and it photographs beautifully!

You won't even notice the camera

I'm not lying here!  It can be difficult to believe but trust me, when you're putting on your beautiful gown, or walking up the aisle to the man of your dreams, you wont be thinking about me!  you'll be surrounded by the smiling faces of your friends and family and be in the midst of the most romantic, exciting and special day of your lives,  Lesley?  Lesley who?!

A lot of the time you won't even notice you're being photographed so the photos will be more natural (and you'll wonder when I took them!)  The reason you hired me is to tell the story of your wedding day and of your love for one another.  I'll be capturing real, raw moments and emotions so there is less pressure on the happy couple to strike a pose or smile for the camera.  you just enjoy your wedding day and I'll give you amazing photos in the process.

Notton House Photography - Talbot Inn Wedding

You are probably thinking that 'I'll be following you around all day'

Not true.  I'll be with you in the morning for Bridal Prep and Ian will be with the Groom.  Bridal Prep is one of my favourite times of a wedding!  It's just like a girls night in...nibbles, bubbles, hair and make-up and lots of fun!  Although I'll be around capturing images of those special moments with your girlfriends, sisters & Mum, I'll also be off creating beautiful photos of your dress, shoes and flowers too.

During the ceremony Ian will be at the back of the aisle (after he's got some cool shots of the Groom and his men) so you won't even see him for the ceremony.  I'll be at the top of aisle, just off to one side while the ceremony takes place buy you'll be so busy saying "I Do" that you won't even notice me! (Or the happy tear in my eye!)

After the ceremony it's a few Group Portraits outside the Church or at your Reception Venue, the amazingly fun 'confetti shot' and then whilst your guests are enjoying Reception drinks, entertainment or just chatting to each other and catching up, Ian & I will take you off for your Newlywed photos.  It's a fabulous chance to spend 30 minutes of so alone with each other and let the fact that you are now married sink in!

We'll take candid photos for the rest of the day as we wander around your venue mingling with guests so you'll spot us every now and then.  Of course, we'll be there for the speeches but you'll be so busy laughing at the Best Man that we definitely won't be on your mind!

Lastly, Ian & I will be there for the cake cutting, first dance and any other special moments you have planned and will capture your friends and family with you on the dance floor before we say farewell and leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening!

You're going to look incredible

You get to be a Princess for a day.  You will have picked the most beautiful dress you have ever imagined and it fits you like a glove.  You will have stunning high heels and sparkling jewels around your neck.  Hair stylist and make-up artists will help you look your absolute best and give your confidence a huge boost.  Ian & I will have already given you some tips and tricks on how to stand to look amazing in your wedding photos.  It's the one day you want beautiful photos of to record it!  Your wedding album will become an heirloom for generations to come.

Notton House Photography - Barn Wedding Venue, Surrey

You're photographer is there to help you

Many couples have never hired a professional photographer before or had any professional photos taken of themselves.  I know Ian 7 hadn't when we got married.  It was all new and we didn't really know what to expect (it was before we became wedding photographers ourselves!)  People don't realise that being photographed by a professional photographer is very different to being photographed by a friend or family member.

I don't need to be close by in order to get the photos I want - I've invested heavily in cameras and lenses that give me what I need so it helps you to feel more comfortable around the camera and you can just enjoy your wedding day.  I don't even have to be right in front of you or directly facing you!

I've photographed thousands of people, of all ages, shapes and sizes so nothing throws me.  I've spent years education myself and learning how to help people look their best in photos.  I want you to LOVE your wedding photos!  i'm here to help you throughout the entire wedding process!  Ian & I are also very familiar with a lot of my local wedding venues (and quite a few not so local ones!) so we know where the best photo opportunities are.  We also know what to do and where to go if it rains!

If you're worried about something, let me know - I'm sure to have a secret tip & trick up my sleeve to help you!  Do you have a 'best' side you like to be photographed o?  Let me know!  If you've woken up with a blemish on the wedding day, don't worry, that's what Photoshop is for!

I'm going to say it again - we want you to LOVE your wedding photos!

Notton House Photography, Guildford Wedding

Preparation is Key

The very best thing you can do to ensure you have incredible wedding photos is to have a photo shoot with us before the big day.  It can be an Engagement Shoot, Pre-Wedding Shoot or a Family Photo Shoot, but it is the single most important thing you can do for your wedding photos.


Because if you need a wedding photographer but you don't like having your photos taken then this will show you exactly how it will be on your wedding day.  if you've been photographed by us once, you'll relax more on the big day.  I'll get a sense of how your are around a camera and in front of it, what I need to do to help you relax and look your best.

It's the perfect time for me to coach you about posing and how to stand or sit that makes you look incredible in camera - this isn't something we can do in the middle of your wedding day!  By the time the wedding day arrives, you'll already have tried and tested some simple poses and will know what to do!

There will be no time constraints and no pressure, just a couple of hours getting to know each other an having some awesome photos that you'll be proud of.  Hey, you can even use them as your Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations or Table Names!

I hope this post has helped to relay some of your nerves about having a photographer on your wedding day!  I'd love to hear your comments below!

Lesley x