How to Make a Flower Crown

OMG I had sooo much fun last week!!  I met up with the most fabulous Flower Crown and Floral Hair Accessories Designer, Rachel on Wednesday.  We spent hours creating the most beautiful flower crowns together! Rachel is a magician when it comes to floral hair accessories.  I've made Flower Crowns before, both with silk and real flowers so I was expecting to be ok at it.  Heads up straight away.  I SUCK at making flower crowns with real flowers!

It was a HOT day and of course that does mean the flowers wilt quicker. But mine just kept falling apart! I know it was nothing to do with the actual flowers - Rachel was using flowers from the same bunch to make her drop-dead-gorgeous flower crown.  Hmm.  It's really not as easy as it looks!

Saying that, Rachel & I wanted to give you a Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Flower Crown, because lets be honest, what girl doesn't want to wear flowers in her hair at some point in her life!  Even as young girls we pop a pretty flower behind our ear, make daisy chains to wear and wear pretty floral hair accessories.  Whoever said we had to stop when we grew up?!

Flower crown on girl, wedding flowers, flower girl, woodland blossoms, notton house photography, shropshire, telford

We have the perfect set of easy to follow instructions for you coming next week. But I also photographed each step so you can really see how it all comes together!

I can't wait to share it with you!

Getting married is the perfect time to wear a flower crown, hair comb, floral hair pins!  There are also loads of other occasions that flower crowns are just perfect too.

Flower crown on girl, wedding flowers, flower girl, woodland blossoms, notton house photography, shropshire, telford

Popular reasons to wear or make a flower crown:

Flower Crowns for Parties

  1. Hen Parties.  What a beautiful way to spend time with your family, friends and bridesmaids!  You could make your own flower crown each to wear for the rest of the day or evening!
  2. Birthday Parties.  It really doesn't matter if the party is for you or your daughter.  You'll both have so much fun playing with pretty flowers that the time will whizz by!
  3. Baby Showers.  Awww.. Imagine sitting in a room with your best girlfriends and creating flower crowns together.  Why not make your own and wear them all day?  Perhaps have a prize for the best flower crown!  Have your photo taken wearing your beautiful new headpiece and add it to the scrapbook Mummy-to-be is sure to have!

Flowers Crowns for Photo Shoots

  1. Maternity Photo shoots.  On the theme of babies here, flower crowns are the perfect addition to any maternity photoshoot.  There's something about having a delicate, romantic floral headpiece to accessorise a long, flowing chiffon dress... Need I say more?
  2. Portrait Photo shoots.  While we're on the subject of photo sessions, have you thought about having a flower crown made specifically for your portrait session?  I love it when clients bring a flower crown to shoots with them!  I can even create them for you (with silk or paper flowers as I do completely rock at those!) or Rachel at Woodland Blossoms will create a one of kind, totally unique flower crown just for you.

Flower Crowns for Events

  1. Corporate Events.  Are you looking for something a bit different for your Summer Ball or Christmas Party this year?  Perhaps you have a launch of a new product or need a team building day?  Making flower crowns in teams could be just the thing you need!
  2. Salon / Spa / Beauticians.  Are you having an Open Day or Pamper Evening at your Salon?  Invite your guests to join you in a glass of champagne and a flower crown making session!
  3. Wedding Fairs / Open Days.  If you're a wedding venue holding an open day or your own wedding fair, I highly recommend bringing Rachel in to hold a workshop for your Brides!  She is great fun, explains things in a way you can understand and has a beautifully creative eye!  Your Brides will LOVE it!

Check out Rachel's Etsy store here!

Those are just a few ideas I came up with off the top of my head and I'm sure there are plenty more reasons to make a flower crown! (As if we really needed one anyway!)

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more ideas for making flower crowns and what you favourite styles are!

Be sure to join me next week for the awesome Step by Step Guide to Making a Flower Crown!