Do I Need 2 Wedding Photographers?

Do I Need 2 Wedding Photographers?

I get asked this question a lot from Brides & Grooms so I wanted to write about this topic to give you the views of not just professionals, but of real Brides & Groom, just like you.  It's a subject that comes up in every wedding consultation we do, every phone call we receive and every Bride wants the very best for her wedding - which is probably how you found this post (hopefully you Google'd something like.. 'Do I Need 2 Wedding Photographers?' and we came up!)

There are many wedding photographers out there who work alone, some who hire a second shooter, some wedding photographers who work with an assistant and some who are like Ian & I - a husband & wife team of professional wedding photographers.

At every Notton House Photography wedding we always have 2 wedding photographers to capture your wedding, both Ian & myself.  It's something that we both feel very passionate about.

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I could write you a lengthy post to explain all the ins & outs, technicalities and reasons why you need to have 2 wedding photographers but you're planning a wedding, hugely busy and let's be honest, you just want a straight answer, right?

Without further ado...

Q.  Do I Need 2 Wedding Photographers?


2 wedding photographers, Notton House Photography

If you want to know why I've written a basic Pro's & Con's list below: (a more detailed post giving examples of each point is coming up in my next blog post - sign up here so you don't miss it)

Do I Need 2 Wedding Photographers? - Pro's & Cons


  1. Photographers can be in multiple places at once
  2. You can receive more photos
  3. You can get both Bridal & Groom Preparations
  4. Different views of the same portion of the wedding
  5. Photos of the Groom nervously waiting and images of the Bride as she arrives
  6. Bride's entrance & guests & Grooms reaction
  7. Front & back of the aisle during the ceremony
  8. Big group shots are much quicker and easier for the guests - one photographer gets everyone in to position and the other one takes the photos (Ian is always up on balconies, hanging out of windows or standing somewhere precarious while I get everyone ready!)
  9. 2 Photographers can take candid photos and posed photos at the same time
  10. A second photographer will assist in posing
  11. Different perspectives are available of the same image - If I have a telephoto lens on, Ian will have a wide angle lens on (giving us both a close up and distant shot at the same time).  Similarly, we capture images from higher up or lower down.
  12. Both the speeches and the guests reactions can be captured simultaneously
  13. If one camera should fail or run out of space on the memory card, no moments are missed as the other camera is still being used.  Backups are available instantaneously.
  14. Help with holding reflectors, lighting etc
  15. Both angles of the bouquet toss are captured - the Bride's face as she throws it and the excited ladies reaching for it!
  16. If you have a variety of entertainment or activities planned then 2 wedding photographers will help you capture the most out of them
  17. Second shooters have the freedom to pursue spontaneous events (like playful children, tearful Fathers, guests enjoying themselves etc) while the first photographer concentrates on the Bride & Groom
  18. If you are planning a 2nd or 3rd location for your wedding - a Church & Reception Venue or you'd like photographs taken at a local beauty spot then this is much simpler with 2 photographers - and your guests wont feel left out whilst you are having your wedding portraits done.


  1. With small intimate weddings (fewer than 40 people) one wedding photographer is usually enough.  You may of course still want 2 wedding photographers for other reasons such as Bridal & Groom Prep, different angles etc.
  2. Some photographers charge you for a second photographer.  (Ian & I feel so passionately that having 2 wedding photographers is more beneficial to you, the Bride & Groom, that we don't charge extra.)
  3. Getting in each others way.  If you have 2 wedding photographers and they don't work together often then you run the risk of them getting in each others way.
  4. Photographic Styles.  Again, the good thing about Ian & I is that we have the same style of photography, you must ensure that both of your wedding photographers have the same style of photography and that you have seen portfolios and real weddings from both of them.
  5. Communication - both wedding photographers should know how not to get in to each others images, what settings to use at a particular moment to give you consistent images throughout your wedding.  You wouldn't want one camera set for low natural light and another one with it's flash going off.  Mr low light photographer would not be impressed as it would ruin their images!
  6. Lastly, be sure that each photographer know what their particular job is - now it's probably going to be down to the photographers themselves to work that bit out, but if they are a husband & wife team for example, they'll work together so often that they know what to do and where each other will be at all times.  Ian & I can almost read each others mind and we have discreet hand signals if we do need to communicate to each other across long distances or during the ceremony.

2 wedding photographers, Notton House Photography

Ian and I are lucky.  We live and breathe weddings and photography.  Being married ourselves we know both sides of the story, we know how it feels to get married, the nerves, the excitement, and how precious every moment is and that its not to be missed!  We also work together on every wedding so we know how each other think, we communicate about the wedding it the entire lead up to the wedding and we both know the Bride & Groom well by this point.  Having a friendly, trusting and loyal relationship with our Brides & Grooms us very important to us!

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