5 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself Before Your Wedding


5 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself Before Your Wedding

Hello to all my lovely Brides & Grooms to be!  Do you ever feel anxious or nervous about your wedding day?  You know you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner but lets face it, weddings can be stressful - even if you are a super organised person or you have a wedding planner!  When the time comes, you are the one who walks down the aisle and the biggest fear I've heard from my Brides & Grooms is that they worry about everyone watching them as they walk down that aisle.  Weddings can be stressful, tiring, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!  If you (or someone you know) is feeling a bit low, or everything is getting on top of you,then take a couple of minutes to read this post!  I've come up with 5 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself Before Your Wedding.  They will help - I promise :)

  1.  Have a Girls / Boys Night.  Lets face it, not a lot beats a good night full of laughter, a couple of glasses of something bubbly and a good bunch of friends.  Take yourself out of your normal environment (sitting there in the evening with your wedding folder and stressing over centre-pieces or wedding favours) and go and have some fun!
  2. Write down all the things you love about yourself.  This can be hard for many people to do but try to write down at least 5 things - your eyes, your smile, the way your heart flutters when you see your fiancé, your bubbly nature or how important your friends and family are to you.
  3. Go to a spa with a friend.  You have been working so hard lately!  Treat yourself to some well deserved pampering and let yourself relax and feel good for a day!  If you don't have time for a full day or weekend spa, make an appointment for a massage or a manicure & pedicure.
  4. Spend some time doing something you love.  We all need a little space and time away from the hustle and bustle of life sometimes.  Go for a walk along the beach or visit a favourite beauty spot, meditate or take a couple of hours to yourself, sit in your favourite coffee shop with a latte and read a book.  If you're feeling a little more energetic, try out a new exercise class!
  5. It's time for date night!  You're dream is coming true and you are marrying the man or woman of your dreams!  This is a wonderfully exciting time in your journey together  - enjoy it and everything it involves.  If things are getting a little tense between you (it's normal for this t happen at some point) then book a date night with your fiancé.  Have dinner at the restaurant where you went on your first date, cuddle up on the sofa with a film and some champagne.  Remember why you love each other so much.  there is only one rule - no wedding talk!

Pick one of these things this week and let me know how it goes in the comments below!  I'd love to hear your ideas too - if you're already married, how did you make yourself feel good before your wedding?  What advice would you give to other Brides & Grooms?

Much love, Lesley x