5 facts about wedding cakes you never knew!

5 facts about wedding cakes you never knew!

The origins of a wedding cake:

  • In ancient Rome bread was broken over the couple to bring good luck and fertility to the couple.  Later, cake was used instead!
  • In medieval England cakes were stacked as high as possible for the Bride & Groom to kiss over - if they succeeded, they were guaranteed to have a prosperous life together!
  • Cakes are traditionally white thanks to our wonderful Queen Victoria - to symbolise purity and virginity.

Do you know why we cut a wedding cake?

  • The cutting of the cake is a task full of symbolism! The cake was originally intended to be distributed among the guests by only the bride because consuming the cake would ensure fertility.  As weddings grew and the number of guests increased this task became a joint venture, the groom needed to help cut the growing cake and distribute it among their guests. Layers of cakes began to pile up and the icing would need to support the weight of the cake making is very difficult for one person to cut. The groom would assist the bride in this process. Once this tradition began the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.

A cute idea we should bring to the UK!

  • In traditional American weddings, bridesmaids would be invited to pull ribbons that are tied to the bottom tier of the cake... one of these special ribbons would contain a charm or ring - whoever gets the charm will be the next person to marry!

FYI, I LOVE this idea so please feel free to do it at your wedding! :)

So now you know more about your wedding cake and how you want yours to be, you need to find that special person to create it for you.  Not only does it have to taste fantastic, it has to look amazing too!

If you need a little inspiration, here are some beauties :) Notton House Photography - Wedding CakesNotton House Photography - Wedding CakesNotton House Photography - Wedding CakesNotton House Photography - Wedding Cakes