5 Easy Ways to Guarantee Great Wedding Photos


Guarantee Great Wedding Photos, every time - in 5 Easy Steps!

5 Easy ways to Guarantee Great Wedding Photos


When you look for a wedding photographer, make sure you chat with them over the phone or if possible meet with them in person.  If you communicate via email, be sure to see how they come across – it’s all well and good being polite and professional (as a pro should be!) but both photography and weddings is all about people.  Do they communicate well?  Do they listen to your ideas and plans?  Do they come across as happy and friendly?


It is SO important that you LIKE your wedding photographer!  AND that your guests do!

He or she is going to be a huge part of your wedding day – from the special moments with your closest friends during Bridal Prep right through the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance.

You should be able to have a laugh and a joke with your photographer – stuffy photographers should be left in the last century! ;)  You and your Groom need to feel comfortable sharing special moments knowing they are around to capture these amazing times for you.  You must be able to trust them and like them!

Many times I have been asked to help during the run up to a wedding – Brides & Grooms come to me with ideas or in need of advice and they know I will reply to emails or pick up the phone straight away.  I’ve been asked to help lace Brides dresses, tie a cravat and I’ll often take the wedding umbrellas in my car just in case they are needed!

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Build in Time

Talk to your photographer about your timeline for the day.  How much time do they suggest you leave for family & group photos?  Would it be better to do them before the Wedding Breakfast when there is more light or later on during the Golden Hour?

Tip: A good place to start when working out your timeline for the day is to give the photographer 1.5 hours.  They can tell you if they need more or less time depending on how many group shots you want.  Remember, the more groups you do, the longer it will take.  Your photographer will want to take you and your new Mr off for a Newlywed Session too!


Visit Your Venue

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a walk through your wedding venues with your photographer ahead of time.  About a month before is perfect.  Your photographer can get a feel of the place, see what flowers are in bloom and you can decide together on the best spots for your photographs.  It helps us to see the day through your eyes: you can show us where you will be walking down the aisle, what décor you will be having and if you have a favourite spot picked out already then don’t be shy to tell us!

Tell everyone, everything!

Talk to us!  Please don’t be shy – I promise I won’t think you are a Bridezilla!  Your Photographer, Wedding Planner, Videographer & Caterer will LOVE you for it :)

Share timelines with us as well as your Bridal Party – your Ushers, Best Man & Bridesmaids should all have a copy.

TIP: don’t forget to get your Ushers to help your Photographer with the group shots.  If they can call for the next set of people on your list your photos will go much quicker and smoother!

If all your suppliers are working from the same timeline it ensure their idea of the day matches yours perfectly!

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