TUTORIAL: DIY Fresh Flower Crowns

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A little while ago, I had a fabulous morning with the awesome Rachel Ward at Woodland Blossoms making Flower Crowns!  As we made them, I photographed each step and the lovely Rachel wrote step by step instructions for you so you can have a go yourself!  Check out my attempt at making a flower crown here!

If you'd like to have a go at making a DIY Flower Crown (whether it's for your wedding, engagement session, hen do or birthday party then all the info you need to know is below!  Good luck & post your photos in the comments below!  I'd love to know how you got on!  (Note - these instructions are for FRESH FLOWER CROWNS, in 2 weeks time, you'll see how to make them with SILK FLOWERS!  Sign up to the blog here so you don't miss it!)

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Step 1: Purchase the Materials for your DIY Flower Crown:

(I've linked to some of my favourite materials that Rachel recommends on Amazon, most of which are from Amazon Prime as I don't like to wait to get started!)

  • Fresh flowers ( Florist / Grocer / Supermarket – the better the quality the longer your crown will last)
  • Floral Tape (sticky) & Stem Tape (only sticks to itself – better for wrapping the flowers but can use floral tape if that’s all you have)
  • 18 gauge wire for base
  • 24/26 gauge wire for flowers with thick unbendable stems such as spray rose (4-5 inches long)
  • Strong scissors or wire cutters
  • Ribbon (in complimentary colour) (Haberdasheries, Hobbycraft, Ebay)

Really cute beginner kit here with some of the items in: https://www.amazon.co.uk/eBoot-Floral-Arrangement-Paddle-Cutter

Step 2: Make the base to your Flower Crown:

Size measurements: most teens and adults are 21” diameter, 6-12yr olds are between 19-20” and under 6’s are usually 18”.

If you want a full circlet (no gap at the back – think an angel halo):

  • Take a piece of wire and cut to roughly 24” (this is a good starting length so that you don’t have to fiddle with the wire so much, suitable for most adult/child heads).
  • Place this round the crown of your head and twist the ends to tighten to the desired size.
  • Twist and tuck the remaining wire around the crown.

If you want a crown (gap at the back so you can tie ribbons on):

  • Take a piece of wire and cut to roughly 22” (this is a good starting length so that you don’t have to fiddle with the wire so much, suitable for most adult/child heads).
  • Place this round the crown of your head and bend the ends at the back where you want the gap to be.
  • Make small loops by bending the wire back on itself and twisting the ends to tighten.
  • Twist and tuck the remaining wire around the crown.

Step 3: Cut and Wire the flowers:

To wire roses or thick stemmed flowers.

  • Trim to ¼”/ ½” underneath the head of the flower.
  • Pierce the fat bit under the head of the flower in a straight line so it completely horizontal. Bring the two ends together. Use stem wrap and work from the head of the flower down covering the wire with the tape.

Thin stemmed flower such as gyps and wax flower and foliage’s/berries.

  • Take your fresh flowers and cut the stems to there is around 2-3” available on the head of the flower.

Step 4: Design your Beautiful Flower Crown:

  • Now you can go completely freeform and add flowers and foliage etc as you make (like Rachel does) 


  • Place your base wire on a flat surface and put the flowers and pieces roughly around the outside of the wire so you can see where you want to place your flowers and foliage.

You can do a full crown where the flowers go all the way around, or a half crown where they are at the front.

Step 5: Make your Flower Crown:

  • Take a piece of floral tape (usually around 6”) and stretch it to make it sticky.
  • Take your first foliage piece or flower and place it on the base wire. Start taping at the top of the stem (by the head of the flower or the last leaves of foliage) and then wrap away from the flower.
  • Place the next flower/foliage so it cover the previous stem (you want it all overlapping).
  • Repeat until completed.
  • Add ribbons if making a crown and tie onto the loops at the back. (Rachel usually cuts her ribbons to about 50cm each side  or 1m if using just one ribbon to tie the back up.)

Handy Info:

If foraging for flowers and foliage, make sure you know what you are picking. The last thing you want to do is use a poisonous plant that irritates the skin and makes you ill!

Good foliage to use:

Eucalyptus (small leaf) cut to 2 – 3 inches

Hypericum Berries cut to 2 – 3 inches

Good flowers to use:

Anything goes but…

Delicate flowers like freesias, sweet peas and lisianthus all work well as they come in beautiful colours and aren’t too heavy although they don’t last as long.

Jasmine, Spirea, Wax flowers, Gypsophila all have a much longer life span.

Good flowers to use that need wiring (note these are usually a lot heavier):

Anything goes but…

Spray Roses, Peonies, Ranunculus

Ta dah!  You now have a beautiful DIY Fresh Flower Crown! You can even make a buttonhole for your Groom or corsages for Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom!

Perfect For Brides, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and all types of boho themed, festival themed or floral themed weddings!

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