How to Display your Photos - Bigger is Better

Here's a fantastic tip on how to display your photos.  Bigger is Better - that's a fact - even Walt Disney & Sofia the First agrees!  Check out this video if you don't believe me!  ;-) It seems that society has decided that an 8x10" print should be the 'go to' size.  It's kind of what you first think of, right?  It all stems from the clever marketing people who did your school portraits (oh god, remember those?!)  It's the biggest size you can purchase.  It's also the most readily available frame in the supermarkets and high street stores.  It's not, however, big!  An 8x10" is fabulous framed up on a shelf, mantelpiece or bedside table but trust me, not for your wall!

What do you mean?  I hear you say!

How to Display your Photos

Take a look at this:

How to Display your Photos

That, my lovelies is our wonderful 8x10 inch print.


Oh yes...! And that bit of white underneath the 8x10"?  That's an A4 bit of paper!  See how small it looks on a standard bedroom wall?  It definitely leaves something to be desired!  You can barely see who is in the photograph, let alone her expression, emotion or any details.  Maybe if you were standing right next to it and looked really closely?  Not ideal, hey!

You spent time and energy on your photo session!  You got the family together, or treated yourself to a pampering makeover shoot with us.  You picked out clothes and jewellery, coordinated families and chose a spectacular location or came in to our beautiful studio.

Let's see the same image again..just BIGGER!

How to Display your Photos

Now that is better!  See, bigger is better!

A piece of wall art that you can be proud of!  Its size showcases it's beauty.  Your beauty.  You can see expression, details, location and what time of year it was.

This piece beautifully fills the space.  It's certainly not over-powering or vain.  It's simple, classy and elegant.  This is a 40x50".  Yep, pretty big right?  But not once it's up on your wall at home.

So how do you know which size canvas or frame to choose?  That's where we can help.  After your photo session (or before if you like!) send me some images of your walls where you might want to hang your images - you can do this straight from your phone.  This can be stairways, halls, living rooms, the dining room, bedrooms, above the sofa or mantelpiece.

Email me your photos and as soon as your photo session images are ready for you to view, I can show you exactly what your photos will look like up on your walls.  Cool hey?!

Check out these for more ideas on how to display your photos!

How to Display your PhotosHow to Display your PhotosHow to Display your PhotosHow to Display your Photos

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