The Perfect Engagement Outfit

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We've all been there.  We're off to a beautiful event or it's date night with the love of your life.  You want to look amazing, classy, elegant, beautiful and HOT!  Treat your Engagement Shoot and your Family Shoot in just the same way.  This post is my formula for the perfect engagement outfit, but it works great for your family portraits too. I've seen enough outfits over the years as a photographer to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement outfit - for him as well as for you!  I believe I've cracked the code - and now you can share in that knowledge too!

The Perfect Engagement Outfit is...

Ladies: Cocktail dress + one gorgeous accessory + killer heels = STUNNING

Men: Tailored suit + one cool accessory + nice shoes = CLASSY

If you follow this perfect formula, you'll look incredible in your engagement photos.  You'll have grace, style and class.  Ian & I love creating beautiful images that showcase your style, personality and flair and using the perfect engagement outfit formula above will help you to do just that.

Here are some engagement outfit tips:

  • Dress it Up: We officially give you permission to look HOT!  Dress up and wear that fabulous black dress you've always wanted to take out on the town.  We love cocktail dresses, refined suits, great heels, and tailored outfits.  Black is always a great option for photos - it's slimming, polished, and elegant.  For a lighter feel, neutral grays and tans look wonderful as well as light pastels like blue, peach and sage green (pick colours that work well with your skin, hair, & eyes).  Nothing is too dressy for photos, even if we're shooting at a meadow in the middle of nowhere - a classy dress and a tailored suit look great anywhere we go!
  • Keep it Simple: For ladies - pick a great solid coloured dress, add a fun accessory like a chunky necklace or stylish earrings, then pair with some great heels.  For gentlemen - pick a suit that is tailored to fit you well (or a nice pair of dark jeans) and pair with a collared shirt in your favourite colour and add a watch, pair of shoes, or a tie that you love.
  • Get it Tailored: Pick outfits that fit and flatter your figure. Show off your best features (legs, arms, shoulders, abs, curves, etc.) and make sure that any dresses, jackets, slacks, or collared shirts have been tailored to fit both of you well.  The better your clothes fit, the more gorgeous you'll look!  Also, make sure to have your clothes dry cleaned and pressed to avoid wrinkles.
  • We recommend 1 or 2 outfits maximum for most of our shoots so we can spend our time getting great photos!  If you would like to wear an additional outfit, it will have an impact on the amount of time that we are able to spend shooting, so narrow things down as much as you can!  Make sure it’s something that can be easily changed into at our chosen location (think back seat of a car or in a hotel bathroom…!)

You can place your own variations on the formula to suit your style.  Instead of a full suit for your man, why not go for a waistcoat and bowtie?  Still a little to formal for his taste?  Swap the waistcoat for a pair a braces or promise a second casual outfit if he does the suit first! (You won't regret it!)

Love a bit of a vintage flair?  Ladies can totally rock a pair of lace or satin gloves and guys, a 40's style hat and subtly checked suit works fab.

If you're REALLY not a dressy person ever, then think smart-casual.  Lets call it 'meet the parents-esq' - you still want to dress to impress in your outfit.  Guys should wear a well fitting pair of jeans, nice shoes and a smart jumper or open collared shirt.  Ladies, add just the right amount of sexy with some killer earrings or statement necklace and of course, heels are still a must.

If you're unsure about colour to wear or what colours would work at your location then go for black.  It's timeless, classic and elegant.  It will never go out of fashion and looks spectacular in black and white images, which Ian & I love to shoot.

It doesn't matter where we shoot your engagement session, dress to impress and totally rock it with the perfect engagement outfit!

When you book your wedding with us an Engagement Shoot is always included in your photography collection - it's that important and that much fun we don't want anyone to miss out!  You'll also receive extra tips via email on your engagement outfit as well as hair, make-up and advice for the shoot itself!

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