Who should have a Portrait Session?

Who should have a Portrait Session?

A Portrait Session is for YOU.  Yes, YOU!  I can see you, sitting there, reading this and thinking "but I hate my photo being taken" and "I don't have time for this".  That's why you should have it done.  I'm serious!  Read on to find out why I'm not crazy! ;)

Notton House Photography Pocrtrait Session

A Portrait Session is for YOU.

It's for every woman.

Every woman who has ever worried about her weight.

Every woman who has ever doubted herself or lacked confidence.

Every woman who has ever thought 'I'm not worth it' or felt unloved.

Every woman who has ever said "I wish I could look like that"


Let me show you how

You see, I have a secret... Lean in close and I'll tell you...closer...are you listening?

I can see how beautiful you really are.  I can see that inner light in your heart and that skip in your step.  I find that twinkle in your eye and that strength in your soul.  I find that in every woman I photograph at a portrait session with me, and then I bring that forward.  You will radiate love, joy, strength and beauty and you'll fall in love with yourself again.

A Portrait Session is for every woman.

why should you have a portrait session

The busy Mum who never has time for herself.

The girl next door who is too shy to be noticed.

That girl down the road with pink hair and tattoos.

The woman who puts everyone else before herself.

The career woman who s working her way to the top.

The CEO who needs a break from work.

The wife who works long hours to create a future with her husband.

We all think the same thoughts and feel the same feelings.  we all have the pressures of life, family, work, children - and on top of all that, we have to look good too.  And not just good - but supermodel-skinny, size 0 is too big kind of skinny.  But that's not real.  The pressures are real, but those models are just like you and me.  They have the same thoughts, worries and concerns about their weight and looks - perhaps even more so!

"But they look so good..." I hear you cry.. And you're right, they do!  But they know the SECRET.. Celebrities, models - even the Royal Family no doubt, have been taught how to stand, speak and pose for photos.  That is the simple reason why they look as they do.  Why they can exude confidence and beauty.

The thing is, confidence comes from within.  Beauty comes from within.  You just need to find it and bring it out!  Let it radiate from your body and soul and believe in yourself!  Love yourself!  YOU deserve to be loved and to love yourself.