What can I Expect at a Portrait Session?

What to Expect at a Portrait Session?

If you're thinking about booking a Portrait Session with Notton House Photography, then this post is for you.  Lets take a look inside the studio and have a look at the whole experience of being photographed.

Here's what you can expect at a Portrait Session with Notton House Photography!

So much fun! We'll already have got to know each other at your Portrait Consultation and have gone over the details of the photo session itself so you'll be super excited already.  When you arrive you'll meet your incredible hair and makeup artist and we'll start with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of champagne while you get settled in.

What to Expect at a Portrait Session

I'll be super excited look through all the beautiful dresses and jewellery you've brought with you so we'll go through those whilst you nibble on yummy handmade hor d'oeuvres and sip champagne.

So what else can you expect at a Portrait Session with us?  Your professional Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist will ask about your likes and dislikes for your hair styling and makeup preferences.  They'll then choose a colour palette based on your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, style and your clothing.  All of this preparation goes towards creating the amazing look for you that helps to style your portrait session.

“It’s my passion and my promise to show you how beautiful you are”
— lesley notton

That's my aim - to take the best photographs of you that you have ever seen.

A typical portrait photo session with Notton House Photography takes around 3 hours.  You'll be pampered by your own personal hair and makeup artist while I get started on designing your photo shoot and selecting  the perfect outfits to showcase your inner beauty from the selection you brought with you.

When it's time for your photo session to begin and you've fallen in love with your makeover, we'll go through in to the studio and get started!  You'll be fully guided the whole time - it's my aim to help you look and feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in front of the camera.  I'll help you with posing and give you simple tips and tricks that I use in my studio all the time to create flattering angles and curves in your body.

You'll be amazed by what you see when I show you the back of the camera.  You'll see beauty, confidence and style.  You'll see YOU.

All women need to feel beautiful. We love feeling sexy and confident. 

It gives us the power to be ourselves and know that we are perfect the way we are.  It doesn't matter your age, weight or anything else.

What to Expect at a Portrait Session

You'll become the best version of yourself right before my eyes.  You will blossom.  Your confidence will grow and grow and it will last way after you have left my studio.

Two weeks after your photo session, you'll be invited back for your Viewing and Ordering Appointment - it's time for the big Reveal!  I'll have a folio box filled with 20 of your best photographs ready for you to take home with you that very same day.  Of course, all our products come with our signature USB Flash Drive too, so you'll be able to upload your stunning photographs online to share with your friends and family straight away.

You may shed a tear when you see yourself the way I see you.  The real you.  Beautiful, elegant, graceful, strong.  I'll probably cry too!

What to Expect at a Portrait Session

What to Expect at a Portrait Session - why should you have one?

We are on this journey together.  You, me, all women.  Let's provide each other with love and strength.

Lets give our children and grandchildren the legacy of our lives through photographs.

Let's show our daughters how to be strong, independent women.  

Let's show our daughters how to love, how to be loved and how to love ourselves.  

Let's show our daughters what real beauty looks like.

To book your complimentary Portrait Consultation call 01952 501965 now.