Portrait Session Preparation - Client Tips - Part 3: Hair

Portrait Session Preparation - Client Tips - Part 3: Hair

It's week 3!  You can see the past two weeks portrait session preparation here on Face and here on Skin.  Today, lets talk about your beautiful hair!

Hair is one of the most important parts of any great portrait.  If you don't like your hair, you wont like your images - even when when everything else is simply beautiful!  During your photoshoot you'll notice that both my team and I will pay a lot of attention to your hair and 'zhooshing' it up (it's a real word!!)

Definition of 'zhoosh' in English

zhoosh (also zhuzh, zhush)  VERB

Make more exciting, lively, or attractive. eg: ‘the bag is a cool but economical way to zhoosh up many an outfit’


Your hair frames your face and is one of the first things that people notice about you.  If you're having a good hair day, you feel awesome.  You feel confident and beautiful.

So what can you do in your portrait session preparation to help you have amazing hair?

Colour / Touch ups - Three days before your photoshoot visit your trusted salon and have your roots touched up.  If you usually colour you hair you can also have it re-done if needed but don't be tempted to go for a drastic change of colour.  Now is not the time for that - trust me!

Trim - While your at your hairdressers, have a trim and a tidy up.  Again, don't suddenly cut off all your hair if you've never done it before!

Conditioning - This can be done at home with some fabulous deep conditioning treatments or go all out and get a head massage and professional conditioning treatment at the salon.

On the Day - Be sure to arrive on the day of your portrait session with clean dry hair.  Wash your hair the day before the shoot as it's much more manageable on day 2!

Curly or Straight? - This is entirely up to you!  My hairstylist will always ask you how you love to wear your hair for a night out.  Big soft waves look beautiful in photographs and give a softer, more romantic feel to your images whereas straight hair can look more edgy feel.  You are welcome to have both for your shoot, just let us know!

portrait session preparation -Short hair is beautiful

No Hair or Super Short Hair? - No problem!  You've all heard the phrase 'bald is beautiful' and it is completely true!  Just look at this amazing photograph from a very talented photographer friend of mine Daniela Bologna.  Not having any hair (or very little hair) doesn't make you any less feminine, sexy, powerful or beautiful.  Having no hair or really short hair gives you a strong and stunningly empowered look.  If you are nervous about not having hair in all of your photos, there are many ways we can distract the viewers eye with lighting, posing and beautiful props such as silk wraps, tulle, headpieces, neck-pieces or beautiful ornate jewellery.