Photoshoot Makeup - Summer 2017


Photoshoot Makeup - Summer 2017

Summer is almost here and that means summer photoshoot makeup! So what's on trend for summer makeup in 2017 and how does it relate to your photoshoot?

Photoshoot makeup is quite different from everyday makeup or party makeup.  Things that work well for everyday wear or sparkling night time looks don't always translate well in camera.  Saying that though, it does work perfectly the other way around!  Let me explain..

There are a few golden rules that give you the very best photoshoot makeup:

  1. Makeup must be matte - my team will very rarely use sparkle or shimmer on your skin for a photoshoot.  Shimmer and sparkles reflect light and can give you unwanted bright areas on your face.    It can also make your skin look shiny and that's not a good look for  anyone!
  2. In your pre-shoot consultation I'll go over lots of things with you including how to prepare for your photoshoot.  Coming in with clean dry hair and clean skin is a must.  Don't forget to moisturise every day for a week before hand.  (You should be cleansing your skin, using a toner and moisturiser daily anyway, but hands up to that one - I'm useless at remembering to do it!)
  3. Waxing.  If you usually wax any hair on your skin, have this done at least 24-48 hours before your photoshoot.  This includes eyebrows!
  4. Self tan.  Personally, I've never seen a fake tan that doesn't look orange.  And this is multiplied in camera.  The camera sees colour and light differently than our eyes do.  It's also super hard to get a fake tan completely even all over, without any extra bits on knees, elbows or knuckles.  Fake tans can often go the other way too and often there are paler areas where the tan didn't sit properly on the skin - fingers, feet and the backs of legs and inner arms are prime places for this!
  5. Go for a natural, classic look.  Big thick defined eyebrows may be 'fashionable' on Instagram at the moment (although I beg to differ!) but classic is always best for your photoshoot makeup.  Your photographs are your legacy and they should be timeless so don't date your beautiful images with the latest fashion fad!

With all that being said, there are of course fashionable trends that come back year after year so I have put together a gorgeous little Pinterest board with some popular looks for Summer 2017.  Although these are stylish and current, they wont date your photographs! NB - some of these makeup looks do have shimmer, but you can ask for a matte version for your photoshoot makeup!

I hope you found these tips on photoshoot makeup useful!  If you'd like to be the first to find out all about beautiful hairstyles and the different looks we can create for our clients, please sign up to our emails here!