Photoshoot in Telford - Chloe's Photo Session

Studio Photoshoot in Telford - Chloe

telford photoshoot before and after

I've had two studio photoshoots lately that have made me cry!  The first was through laughter and the second was with pure unadulterated joy and emotion!  When clients come for their photoshoot with me in Telford, Shropshire, it really is a wonderful experience.  I offer more than just a photoshoot.  It's a day of pampering and feeling like a movie star for a day.

Chloe's photoshoot was when I cried with laughter!  We both did!  Chloe was sitting in the studio dressing room, having her hair and makeup done before her photoshoot and we just started giggling.  You know the type of laughter that you just can't stop?  The more you try to hold back, the more you end up laughing?  That was us!  Every time we looked at each other, or took a deep breathe and tried to be 'grown up' and carry on, we just broke in to a fit of giggles again!  Now I can't tell you what it was about (I'd just start giggling again and never finish writing about her amazing photoshoot!) but we felt like teenagers again!  Whoever said we had be be serious when we grew up?!

Chloe wanted a studio photoshoot so she booked in a date last month to come and be photographed by me.  As you can probably guess, we hit it off right away and had an absolute blast!  Chloe is one of those people that is so easy to get on with and has a genuinely beautiful soul.  These are just a couple of my favourite images from her photoshoot - there so were so many to choose from!

telford photoshoot dancing in chiffon dress notton house photography

For Chloe's photoshoot, we started off with simple, natural makeup and beautiful curly hair to frame that beautiful smile of hers.  This dress is one from the studio wardrobe and used to be bright shiny white.  I customised the dress by tea staining to give the chiffon and satin a more vintage feel.  Dresses like this are beautiful to dance and twirl in!

telford photoshoot notton house photography
telford photoshoot notton house photography

Next up, Chloe changed in to a beautiful sequined black lace fitted dress and we went a little stronger with the eye makeup.  Chloe & I decided to go for a smokey eye but still keep the lips their natural rosy pink.  We also kept this elegant look for Chloe's final dress, a deep blue lace number which had a gorgeous deep V at the front and back.  Sexy and elegant at the same time.

Wondering where to get beautiful dresses for your photoshoot?

If you're looking for some outfits for your photoshoot, you may have heard of Rent the Runway in the States.  Well us Brits have some fabulous websites too!  Take a peek at Chic by Choice, Hire the Catwalk, Girl Meets Dress, Dream Wardrobe and My Celebrity Dress for beautiful dresses that you can hire for your photoshoot!

telford photoshoot notton house photography

Chloe's photoshoot finished in a casual outfit of jeans and a string top!  You can check out some more images from recent photoshoots in our Portrait Gallery.

telford photoshoot notton house photography