Should I have a Maternity Session?

Should I have a Maternity Session?

Without a doubt!  Here are 5 reasons why you need a Maternity Session:

  1. It's a special occasion.  Lets face it, you have photos of every other important occasion in your life - your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, the day you got your new dog or cat..why wouldn't you document an occasion as special as being pregnant?
  2. You're already in love with your little baby - you've seen him or her wiggle around on the sonogram, heard the heart beat and you feel like you already know them.  Start capturing those precious moments now!
  3. Every pregnancy is unique.  It doesn't matter if this is your first or fourth baby, you know that every pregnancy you have had has been different!  Different cravings, feelings and you look different with each baby bump too.
  4. Pregnant women are BEAUTIFUL.   Don't shy away!  I bet your partner or Husband thinks so too!  And even if you don't always feel it, when you close your eyes and put your hand on your bump, you smile.  And that is beautiful :)  there really is a certain 'glow' to expectant Mums and you deserve to be confident and show off your bump!  Even if the photos are for your eyes only.  Years from now you will look back and treasure those photos.
  5. Do it for the Daddy!  Being pregnant is such an amazing experience (even if we are sick some/most of it!) but sometimes the Dads can feel left out.  Maternity Photo Sessions are amazing at bring you and your partner closer together and letting him bond and share in the beauty of your growing baby.  It's also a fab way to get older siblings used to the fact that they will soon be sharing Mummy & Daddy with a little brother or sister!

If you are thinking "I have a camera, can't I just do it myself?"  The answer is yes you probably can to some extend - I mean there is always the photo in the bathroom mirror shot, right?!  Professional photos will mean so much more to you and your child.  As a professional photographer, I can give you tips and ideas on poses, what to wear, where to have your maternity session and the best lighting and angles that will flatter you.

If you love the sound of it, or would like some more details, please give me a call on 07706 599815 or email me at for a chat or to get booked in!

Have you had a professional Maternity Session?  Would you have one?  Please leave a comment below!