Glamour Photography - The Launch!


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are ready to get stuck in to 2015!  This year is set to be AMAZING!  If you follow us over on our Facebook Page you will already have had a few little teasers regarding our exciting news.. so here it is.... I am sooo over the moon to announce that Notton House Photography will now be offering Glamour Photography! With the launch of Glamour Photography, I have one mission:

'To show every woman their inner beauty'

I truly believe that each and every women is beautiful and that everyone deserves a stunning portrait of themselves.  If you've read this post, you'll know that I am super camera shy!  I used to hate being in photos myself but I refuse to be the missing link in my family's photos anymore.  You'll see this hashtag quite a lot #existinphotos - search for it online and see the thousands of other women who, just like you and me, are taking steps to ensure they are in photos so their legacy lives on.

If you're sitting there thinking that you'd never have the confidence to have photo session just of yourself, then I can promise you, our Glamour Photography Photo Sessions are just what you need!

Meet Nikki.

Nikki has a full time job, two children and a husband to look after and rarely has much time for herself.  Sound familiar?  In her own words, Nikki told me that she usually quite a shy and reserved person and doesn't have time to wear much make-up or do her hair on a regular basis.

Nikki Came to me for a Glamour Session last month and she totally rocked it!

Nikki started off with an hour of pampering having her hair and make-up done while I went through all the beautiful items of clothing she brought with her.  I had chatted to Nikki before our session and guided her through what to bring.  We then spent an hour or so in the studio and I was completely honoured to take some incredible photographs of this woman.

Nikki is simply beautiful.  She has such a fun and caring personality and after a few minutes you could see Nikki relax in to the session and she lit up.

Sometimes us ladies just need a little coaxing and then we shine!

Nikki hadn't even told her husband that she was coming for a Glamour Photography Session so I bet he had a huge surprise when he came home that evening to see Nikki looking SO amazing!

I also have something to admit to you all...Nikki sent me an email after she saw her photos for the first time.. it made me cry... twice :)

"Absolutely STUNNING!  Better than I ever imagined!  You are an incredibly talented photographer! (I think every sentence there has had an exclamation so far....)

I am quite shy and reserved myself, hence why I wasn't overly keen to glimpse the mirror while there. I didn't actually think I would like looking at pictures of myself but they are amazing. Glamour is definitely the word!

Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

This ^^^^ is why I am a Glamour Photographer.  Nikki's reaction to seeing herself captured in this way is why I have brought Glamour Photography in to my studio.  Every woman on the planet deserves to feel that good about themselves.

Dying to see the results for yourself?  Here are just a few of my favourites!  Check out our Facebook Page for Nikki's Before & After

Glamour Photography, Surrey

Glamour Photography, SurreyGlamour Photography, SurreySurrey Glamour Photography, Nikki M-17Glamour Photography, Surrey

If you'd like to book your own Glamour Photography Session, call me on 07706 599815 for a chat to discuss your perfect photo session. You'll get tons of advice on how to prepare, what to bring, clothes to wear and I talk you through all the poses so you'll feel fabulous the whole time!

OH... and book a night out afterwards - because you will LOOK and FEEL amazing! :)