Dress Your Walls - A style & design guide to decorating your home with photos

Dress Your Walls - A style & design guide to decorating your home with photos

So you've had an amazing photo shoot with us and now you're super excited about seeing your images.  You wander around your house and start to imagine decorating your home with photos.  That hilarious moment halfway through your shoot pops in to your head and you just know that it would make a wonderful set of images in your hallway.  And that special romantic kiss at the end of your shoot would be just perfect hanging in your bedroom.

The only problem is that you have no idea what to purchase.  Do you get vintage framed wall art or a canvas?  How about frameless wall prints?  Or perhaps a folio box or album with lots of images in as your know its going to be so tough deciding between them!  Who knew that decorating your home with photos would be the tough bit!

Take a breath.. don't worry.. I'm here to help!  I know it can be overwhelming, but part of being a professional photographer is me being there for you throughout the entire process.  I won't leave you out there on your own!

Your Image Reveal Session includes a complimentary Product Design Consultation too.  If you want to know what a particular image will look like hanging above your sofa then I can show you!  Yep, I can show you exactly what it will look like before you've even bought it.  No guessing on sizing.  No worrying that the frame wont match your décor.  You'll see it all before hand.

Click on the image below to download our complimentary guide to decorating your home with photos.  The guide shows you a simple way of knowing exactly what your images will look like in your own home, before you've purchased a thing! Feel confident in your choices when you make your purchase!

Dress Your Walls Guide by Notton House Photography - EBOOK

Or click this link to download your decorating your home with photos free guide: Dress Your Walls Guide by Notton House Photography