Celebrity Posing Secrets Revealed {How to look good in photos}


Want to know the top Celebrity Posing Secrets? Read on... Celebruty Posing Secrets

Celebrity Posing Secrets - revealed!

There are two simple tricks that celebrities and models use when they are in front of the camera...

First and foremost it's about posing.

The camera sees you differently to how you see yourself and it picks up on things that are invisible to the naked eye.   Camera see in light and curves which is why in your portrait session with Notton House Photography I ask you to pose in particular ways!  Yes they sound weird and they feel even stranger but they work, trust me!

The second trick is all about confidence.

When you get ready for an evening out with your partner, a girls night, party or ball you spend some time on yourself.  You pick out your favourite outfit, do your make-up nicely and spend more time on your hair than usual.  By doing this what you're also doing is giving yourself confidence.  You're putting your best foot forward.  And you know it.  This is the best version of yourself.  This is the REAL you.

Hair & make-up gives you the confidence to be true to yourself which is exactly why a beauty or boudoir session with us is included in our session fee.  It's not just about how to look good in photos - it's about how to feel good in photos.

Confidence is beautiful.  Confidence is mesmerizing.

To look your very best in photos - you need to have your poses nailed and your confidence boosted!

3 Top Celebrity Posing Secrets:

1. Weight on your back foot.

posing tips pear, no shape, hourglass

This works for all ladies, all sizes and all ages.  Every woman wants the perfect hourglass shape and this simple trick goes a long way to create that!  To achieve that beautiful curve in your waist and hips, place your weight on your back foot and place your front foot slightly forward.  Going up on your toe on that front foot gives you an extra curvy boost and makes your legs appear longer and slimmer.

2. Turn your body 45 degrees.

Most people know this trick but you really can overdo it so be careful with it.  Turn your body too far away and your body will look weird! Check out image 3 above - 45 degrees is perfect!  The more you turn your body away from the camera the smaller part of you the camera captures.  This is a great tip for us curvy girls!

3.  It's all in the shoulder.

Want to look elegant and slender?  How about cheeky and flirty?  It's all in the shoulder placement!  Every image should speak to you and each one needs personality and emotion - that's what really makes your photograph come alive.

Drop your shoulder down closest to the camera to elongate your neck and open up your body.  Lift your shoulder upwards and at the same time work you chin down towards it (without touching) to create a fun and flirty look.  Try it now!  See?  I bet you had a twinkle in your eye when you just did that!  And a twinkle in the eye is an extra bonus in your photographs too!


Posing Tips Waistasymettry

Keep your arms away from your body.  Take a look at the images above.  In the first image, I look pretty wide.  This is because my arms are down at my sides and attached to the width of my body, making my waist, stomach & hips appear wider than they really are.

In the second image, all I've done is raise my arms slightly and pulled my elbows away from my body.  Se how my waist is instantly slimmer?  That was easier than you thought, right?

The third and final picture showcase the best possible results.  I've turned my body 45 degrees away from the camera and created some asymmetry and interest in my body language creating a more desirable hourglass figure as well as that 'S' shape all those photographers go on about!

Celebrity Posing Secrets