Beautiful Eyes Competition Winners

One of my favourite things about being a photographer is that I'm allowed to get slightly obsessed with peoples eyes and facial expressions.  I love being able to see right in to their personality and their soul by capturing the essence of them right there in their eyes. Like many women I'd say that my eyes are one of my best features.  I love how beauty portraits focus right there too.

win a beauty shoot

I asked over on my Facebook Page: Has anyone ever told you "You have beautiful eyes?"

Mum's, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters, spouses and friends all commented and posted their selfies to show off some gorgeous eyes!

Here's just a few of those photos...

win a photo shoot - beautiful eyes competition, Surrey

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and comments!  It was really great fun looking through all the selfies and finding out a bit about you all in our private messages :)

Are you ready for the winner of the competition?

Ok.. So it turns out I couldn't pick just one winner!  Or two.  There are THREE winners!

Telford_Shropshire_Portrait_Photographer_Notton_House_Photography-competitionWinner #1: Kirsty Caswell.  I LOVE red hair.  Kirsty's red hair and blue eyes contrast beautifully and I cannot wait to capture that!  Also, Kirsty did a 'side-selfie'..apparently that's a thing?!  Congratulations Kirsty!





Winner #2 & 3: Holly Stirk & Amy Stirk.  These two gorgeous ladies were nominated by their Mum Natasha.  I love the fact that one sister is blonde and one is brunette (like my ever changing hair colour!) You girls are going to have so much fun here at the studio with your shared session!  Lets have a fab girls day out!



Winners #all of you!

£100 off beautiful eyes competition

If I could photograph every woman in Surrey and beyond, I would be one very happy photographer!  As a thank you for entering this competition and following the Notton House Photography Facebook page, I'd love to give you all the chance to come in to the studio for a Beauty Portrait Session with a very special offer - £100 off your session fee!

As I'm always saying, every woman deserves to feel be beautiful and to be their very best and to be your best beautiful (hey did Olay steal my line?! lol)  It's what I say to my clients all the time - this is your chance to have that portrait of yourself, the very best of yourself.  You can be that model on the cover of a magazine and you don't have to be a size 6 to do it!

Just give me a call on 01932 702056 THIS WEEK and we'll book your session in March or April.

Thanks for making this competition so much fun and so tough to judge!  I even roped in my 13 year old son to help me (he was useless!)

Be beautiful! Be you!

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