I've Never Had a Professional Photoshoot Before

"I've Never Had a Professional Photoshoot Before"

I hear this from 99% of my wedding photography clients and around 80% of my personal branding / headshot and Portrait clients too.  Guess what, I'd never had a professional photoshoot before either - until one day, I plucked up the courage to get out from behind the camera and experience it for myself.

I'm so glad I did.

I met up with fellow photographer Amanda Clarke who is part of my mentoring group and we decided to be brave and have our own photographs taken!  As photographers ourselves, we are the worst at getting in front of the camera - ever heard the saying ' A Doctor is his own worst patient?'  Same goes for photographers too!

I went for my own professional photoshoot for several reasons.

before & after lelsley notton.jpg
  1. I really needed professional photographs for my website, social media pages and marketing materials
  2. I wanted to experience a professional photoshoot for myself to see what my clients see when they are photographed by me
  3. I actually wanted to look good in photos!  

The first reason is pretty self-explanatory - as a business owner I need to be the face of my company and having a REALLY good professional headshot is paramount to that.  people buy from people they like, and if they can't see you, they definitely can't like you!

I know what it's like to experience a professional photoshoot from the photographer's point of view (fyi, it's utterly awesome!) but I know some clients can get really nervous before their photoshoot.  I wanted to see how I felt being in front of the camera - was I nervous, worried, did I feel fat, self-conscious, or was I made to look and feel beautiful?

That leads me on to reason number 3 - I wanted photographs of myself that I loved.  That I would be proud to put on display, to show my family and friends and to hand down to my children and grandchildren one day.  I wanted to be a face, a real person, to my great great great grandchildren, not just a name and a date of birth.

After the initial nerves wore off, (which happened super quickly!) I LOVED my photoshoot.  I also learned a lot.  I learned that having your hair professionally styled and your make up beautifully done doesn't just make you look beautiful on the outside, it fills you with confidence from the inside too.

I recognised that all the genuine, positive encouragement that I give my clients really does help!  There's no cheesy 'beaaautiful darrrrlling, beaaautiful!' but the heartfelt and excited whoops of excitement when I get THE shot, or the positive praise I give my clients truly gives them extra confidence that they are doing well and look incredible!

I also realised that having your photo professionally taken is a whole lot of fun!  It's a true pamper day for you and your girlfriends, your mum, sister or best friend.  It's wonderful to be photographed with your partner and children and create family portraits that you are delighted with.

The conclusion?  

Even if you've never had a professional photoshoot before, go get one now.  Whether it's with me at Notton House Photography, or someone else, go get one done!  Done right, it will rock your world!

With love, 

Lesley x

Notton House Photography