How I Prepare for Your Wedding Day as a Professional Wedding Photographer

Ever wondered how a Wedding Photographer prepares for your wedding day? 

My day actually starts months beforehand with all the photography planning that goes into the wedding day itself. 

Here's how I prepare for your wedding day as a Professional Wedding Photographer

 The login page for your Client Lounge!

The login page for your Client Lounge!

Upon booking Notton House Photography:

  • Hooray! You've taken the first step to get the most amazing wedding photographs you can dream of!  Your big day is just starting to come together but there's still a lot to do!  I'll help you right from the start by giving you my Gold List - my absolute favourite professional wedding suppliers for your special day.  These are people I have worked with, know and trust to provide you with quality service, beautiful products and I know they will look after you!  It's up to you if you decide to book them, but they are there if you do!
  • Next up, I'll send you a link to your personalised and private VIP Client Lounge.  This is where all the information between us (such as the contract, payment info, questionnaires etc) is kept so you can log in and have a look around!
  • Photography-wise, we'll go through the basic details of your wedding day - venues, confirm the date and time etc.  Any information you don't know just yet can be added inn the Client Lounge when you do!
  • Now breathe a sigh of relief that your wedding photography is sorted and go shopping for your wedding dress!

Six weeks before:

  • It's probably been a while (perhaps 1-2 years!) since you booked us for your wedding photography, but we've kept in touch and now your wedding date is just around the corner!  This is where we go ahead with finalising the details of your special day!
  • You’ll receive a couple of questionnaires from me in your Client Lounge (with links sent via email).  These give you info about the day but more importantly, give you the chance to tell me everything!
  • You’ll be able to choose from a list of the most popular groupings for your formal photos as well as have the opportunity to add your own special requests in. 
  • Next up, there is the wedding day schedule – the timings for every part of your wedding day.  Don’t worry though, I’ve made this super simple and easy to do as it’s the most important document for everyone!  I always carefully go over all your locations, times and travel where needed and let you know if I foresee any issues at all.  If there are problems with the timeline, don’t panic, I’ll always come up with a solution for you too!
  • If you have a wedding planner for your big day, I’m always happy to speak directly with him or her and just send you the final document.  This is the schedule we use on the wedding day so it's really important we get it right together.

One week before:

  • I’ll be in touch to check in with you again to make sure there aren’t any last minute changes I don’t know about and see if there is anything else I can do to help!

One day before:

  • I email the second photographer and any photography assistants the schedule for your wedding, photo list and any extra notes that I have from you
  • I also print all these documents out to have a copy in my camera bag, as well as have them available on my phone
  • All equipment is thoroughly checked, cleaned, charged & packed
  • Memory cards are formatted so they are fresh for the big day
  • Check the route and ensure we have enough fuel for the car
  • Pack bottled water and energy bars (just in case there is time to eat one when traveling between venues)
  • Lastly it's time to shower, grab a hot meal and get an early night!
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The day of:

  • I always try to have a big breakfast before photographing a wedding as sometimes it’s the only thing I eat until my first break at the wedding breakfast (this can be as long as 8/9 hours time!).  I say ‘break’ but I’m actually refuelling, backing up your photographs to the laptop so far and listening out for what’s happening in the next room!
  • Double check everything is packed and ready in the camera bag
  • Read over the schedule, photo list and try to memorise everyone’s names Parents of the Bride & Groom, all Bridesmaids & Groomsmen (ok, this usually starts before the morning of!)
  • Check the news & travel for any accidents or delays that may affect me or you
  • Jump in the car and play Guess the Dress! (I love trying to figure out what beautiful gown you will wear!)

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