Even Wedding Photographers Need to have Portraits! - Natasha Harding's Photoshoot

September is an awesome month for us here at Notton House Photography!  Not only is it my birthday on the 23rd, but the very next day it's my wonderful husband's birthday too!  

This September was fab for another reason too, I got to meet and photograph the beautiful Natasha Harding who is a fellow wedding photographer in Cheshire!  It's always great to meet other people in the wedding industry and other photographers are pretty wonderful people too! ;)

Natasha came to have her photoshoot with me at my studio in Lawley, Telford - even wedding photographers need portraits of themselves!  Natasha is the face of my brand new Guide to Looking Gorgeous in Photos and she was so much fun to photograph!

Like most women and business owners, Natasha is busy being a Mum, Wife, Photographer & managing her other business Happy Camper Weddings.  Having such a busy lifestyle, Natasha drove over an hour to be photographed by me and spent the morning being pampered!  

Portrait-Wedding-Photographer-Telford-Shropshire-Notton-House-Photography (1).jpg
Portrait-Wedding-Photographer-Telford-Shropshire-Notton-House-Photography (2).jpg
Portrait-Wedding-Photographer-Telford-Shropshire-Notton-House-Photography (3).jpg

I love getting to know my clients and whist Natasha was in Hair & Makeup we chatted about the wedding industry, being a photographer, being a Mum and all that entails!  It's great to find out people's stories and really connect with them.

Natasha brought a selection of beautiful dresses to be photographed in and although she usually hides from being in front of the camera herself, she completely rocked her photoshoot!  Making the most of girls day out and of course looking absolutely stunning, Natasha went for lunch with a friend after her photoshoot in Telford and was given a ton of compliments from all the Mum when she picked up her children later that afternoon!

We had a ton of laughs and it was really great to get to know you Natasha!