Double Chins - and how to avoid them in photos

Double Chins - and how to avoid them in photos

With Christmas just around the corner, this post isn't just for those of you getting married, it's for everyone!  It's the season of fun, laughter, parties, funny jumpers and of course lots of photos to remember it by!  I thought I'd take this chance to give you all a quick and easy tip for getting rid of that annoying 'double chin' in your photos this Christmas season!

Every woman I've ever known, regardless of their age, size or body type worries about having a double chin in photos.  I'm exactly the same!  But I have another secret to spill, direct from the red carpet!

In the second part to my Celebrity Posing Secrets series, I'm going to show you the simplest and easiest way to avoid that dreaded double chin in photos.  And before you ask, yes, it works for men and women!  All ages, all sizes.

So how do we avoid that irritating double chin?

If you've had a photo session with me already, you'll have heard me say it during your photo shoot...

"Chin forward and down"

It doesn't sound like much but I promise you, nail this and you'll never have a double chin in photos again. (You can do a little victory dance now!)

Double Chins - and how to avoid them in photos

1.  The first thing to remember is that you need to move your chin forward, not up.  A lot of people automatically raise their chin instead.  Try imagining your chin has a piece of thread attached to it and someone is pulling that thread - your chin moves directly forward; not up or down.

2.  The second thing some people do is move their entire neck.  You don't want to do this.  Try putting your finger at the base of your head at the back.  Feel that little indent?  That's where you move from.

3.  Once you've got that down, simply lower your chin.  How much you lower it entirely depends on your face shape.  Us curvy girls tend to need to lower our chins a little more than slimmer ladies.  The lower your chin is, the slimmer your jawline looks.  Don't go too far though - you don't want to lose your jawline or chin altogether!

This is definitely one of those 'looks great, feels weird' poses though, so don't worry if it feels strange at first.

There are a couple of special bonuses to doing this technique too:

That's right, it doesn't just get rid of that annoying double chin... it does TWO other very special things too:

1.  When you bring your chin forward and down, those gorgeous eyes that should be the focus of your image, get bigger.  Now we can really focus on your big, beautiful eyes and capture your expression.

2.  It makes you look slimmer AND younger!  When your chin is correctly placed forward and down, it lifts, smooths and tightens the skin on your face and neck.  This is also great for ageing skin too.

You may be wondering why models sometimes have their chins tipped upwards in some images.  You'd be right in thinking that they do.  There are a couple of main reasons for this.

Ok, lets get the obvious reason out of the way.  Your typical fashion model isn't like you and me.  She is probably a size 4 or something similar (although I'm pleased to say things are slowly getting better in that industry).  This means she has no visible double chin or loose skin that she wants to hide.  Do bear in mind though, that everyone has a double chin, no matter their age or size.  If a super slim girl was to pull their face backwards, you will see a double chin appear.

Remember that double chins are natural. It's the only way we can have a range of movement in our face and neck.

The other reason that you sometimes see chins lifted in photos is because the photographer and model are coming together to create a particular mood or atmosphere.  Tilting the chin upwards creates air of confidence, seniority or masculinity.

You're more than welcome to rock that look in some images if you'd like too (and to be honest, who wouldn't?!) but in general 'chin forward and down' is the way to go!

Have a practice and let me know your thoughts below!

Bye bye double chin!! (repeat victory dance again!)

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