Do you need to look 10 years younger?

Do you need to look 10 years younger?

You probably read that title and either thought YES! straight away or got really annoyed that society keeps throwing age in your face.  Either way, what I’m going to say next is specifically for you, so read on!

I’m not anti-age.  I don’t think that women should hide their laughter lines or drop a dress size to look beautiful.  Although, I understand that some women want to.   

In fact, I know they don’t need to look 10 years younger to feel confident and gorgeous.  I’ve seen it.

But many women feel like they need to look younger or slimmer, to feel beautiful, confident and empowered.

I’ve had women walk in to my photography studio super nervous, telling me “I don’t like my arms anymore”, “this is my best side” or ask, “could you photoshop that out?”.  Have you ever realised how women very quickly and easily mention the things they dislike about themselves first?  It’s a defence mechanism so we can’t get hurt if someone else mentions it.  We either say it outright or make a joke of it.


Let's play a game:

Pretend you’re getting married. 

You probably start eating a bit healthier and exercise a little more.

You know drinking lots of water is good for you, so you try to remember to do that more often.. 

You go for a facial and get your hair coloured and styled at the hairdressers.

You visit the nail bar to have your nails done and enjoy a massage.

You spend time thinking about what you're going to wear, what styles of dress suit you best and show off your beautiful curves.

On the morning of your wedding, you hire a professional makeup artist and a hairstylist to enhance your features and boost your confidence.

Are you a different person because you did these things? 

No.  You’re exactly the same person, just more confident because you’ve taken the time and opportunity to do something for yourself.  You’re still YOU.  You’re just the best version of yourself at that moment in your life.

Do you look 10 years younger yet?  Do you feel 10 years younger?

Maybe!  You spent a little time on yourself and you feel great.  When you feel great, you look great.  When you look great, you smile and a smile is the most beautiful curve on a womans body.

Here are 5 ways you can look 10 years younger (READ: spend time on yourself)

  • Drink lots of water. 

Beauty really does start from the inside.  Drinking lots of water helps your skin to stay hydrated which smooths out wrinkles.  Once your skin is fully hydrated, the kidneys take over and figures out how much water to get rid of.  Water increases your energy levels, relieves fatigue and can decrease your calorie intake.

  • Change your hairstyle

Don’t you just love that feeling of coming out of the salon?  Your hair is light and bouncy, shiny and super soft!  You probably have a quick glance (or a loving gaze!) in the mirror every time you pass one that day.  And you should!  When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall...

While you’re at that mirror, take a moment and really look at yourself.  Look at your beautiful smile, your deep soulful eyes, the laughter lines by your eyes which mean you’ve had lots of fun over the years!  Find 3 things you love about yourself.  Say them out loud, to yourself in the mirror.  They can be physical attributes or perhaps something you love about your personality.  You’re kind, always there for a friend, fun to be around, a great Mum or Daughter, an expert in your field…

  • Stop Comparing yourself to others

Do you know what the most valuable thing in the world is?  YOU.  There is now, and only ever will be one you.  You are perfect in your imperfections and beautiful in your body and soul.

  • Believe

Above all, believe in yourself.  Believe in the woman that you are.  Believe in your strengths, your mind and your body.  Your weight is the least interesting thing about you.  Treat yourself, spend time enjoying a facial, an hour at the gym or a spa break.

Do these 5 things every day.  Start now, don’t wait until tomorrow!  Life will get in the way tomorrow and at least you’ll have started right now and are on your way to true beauty and happiness.


Lesley x