Cool ways to display photos on your wall


Have you just had a professional photoshoot or are you thinking of booking one in?

Are you giving the gift of a photoshoot to your husband or wife this Christmas? 

Like you, photographs of my family are important to me.  I want to proudly show them in my home and look at them whenever I need a virtual hug or an extra boost during a tough week.

I’ve recently moved into my new home and I’ve been trying to figure out how to display my family photos on my walls.  Which room to put them in, which wall to use and how on earth do you know what goes where without putting tons of nails in the walls – and then changing your mind and moving them all?!

Cool ways to display photos on your wall

I want my photographs to look awesome and I love a clean, modern look to my home so I figured out which photographs I wanted to display first, then planned where each photograph should go and what coloured frames to choose.  The most important thing to remember here is that bigger is always better when displaying your photographs. An 8x10” may seem big to you, but it look tiny hanging above your sofa or over your mantel piece!

So I created a Pinterest Board for inspiration! It’s a great way to grab ideas from people all over the world and then take elements of that and tweak them to suit your style.  Feel free to grab some pins from my board and create a new board for your home!

I love my brand new gallery wall in my living room!  I’m proud of my family and what we’ve all accomplished at this stage of our lives and I want my children to know how truly loved they are.  That they are beautiful, special and perfect just the way they are.  We all are.  That’s what makes us a family.  Our quirks, our personalities and our love for each other.

To family. To love. To living your legacy.

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