A Beautiful Barn Wedding - Jo & Phil's Rustic Outdoor Ceremony

Jo & Phil met in a local pub on June 1st 2007 - 9 years and 8 months later, they tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Gildings Barn.  This is their Love Story.

Phil was working in a local pub with his friend Nat.  Little did he know that one day, a beautiful and outgoing girl would walk into his pub and change his whole world.  Nat had a friend called Jo you see, and Jo started popping in to the local pub for a drink to see her.  Chatting over the bar, Phil & Jo got to know each other and Phil worked up the courage to ask Jo out on a date.  This would be Jo's first ever date so she was pretty nervous, but Phil was a true gentleman and they had a great time chatting about football!

Jo & Phil's Wedding Preview-Notton-House-Photography-3.jpg

At the end of their date, Jo dropped Phil off home and went in for a drink and were soon joined by Phil's Dad!  He sat on the sofa opposite them, drank his cup of tea and opened his post - Jo thought this was probably a good time to say cheerio for the evening!

Jo always laughs that she had two proposals from Phil!  The first being 'very unromantic!' as Phil told her he would clear his credit card and then they could go shopping for an engagement ring - all whilst he was playing the PlayStation!  But the real proposal happened on Bournemouth Beach, in a spot very close to Jo's heart where she used to go to with her family when she was a child.   With a beautiful 1920's engagement ring that they picked together, Phil proposed for real on the 29th September 2016.  Jo of course, said Yes!

Jo & Phil's Wedding Preview-Notton-House-Photography-12.jpg

Just by spending 5 minutes with Jo & Phil, you can see that they are meant to be together.  They laugh. tease, play and have a beautiful connection together which makes your heart warm for them.

Jo & Phil's Wedding Preview-Notton-House-Photography-4.jpg

They've been through so much in their 9 years together, but you can tell that they have always been able to lean on one another.  Phil is Jo's yin to her yang and knows just how to make her laugh - something which she does often!

A truly beautiful partnership for the past 9 years, and what will be a truly beautiful marriage between soulmates forever more.  Jo & Phil, we love you and wish you all the best in your lives together!