5 Mistakes Brides Make


As a Wedding Photographer for over 8 years, I've been to a fair few weddings!  I'm always getting asked if I've ever had a 'Bridezilla' and I'm happy to say no!! I have seen a few mistakes that Brides make on their wedding day though, so I thought I'd tell you about them so you can avoid them!

1.     Ask the Photographer to arrive too early..

This one is at the top of my list for a reason.  Here's why.  I know you are super excited for your wedding day, and Bridal Prep is the start of it all for you!  The excitement, the pampering with hair & makeup, the champagne, friends, laughter and nerves...  And if you really want me there from the very beginning, I'm happy to do so!  But...  There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself first:

  • What time are your Bridesmaids arriving?
  • When is will your hair & makeup be finished?
  • What time are you putting on your wedding dress? (Hint: it should be about an hour before the ceremony!)
  • Do you really want photos of you and your bridesmaids in mismatched pj's without any makeup on?

If you don't mind photos in your pj's, then that's great, I'll be there!  But usually, when Brides realise this, they tend to think again - they want photographs they can show off to all their friends & families of them looking their best!

My advice is to have the Photographer go to see the Groom first, for his preparation photos and then come to the Bride's house when your hair has been done (you wont have your veil or tiara in yet though) and your makeup is almost finished.  The best makeup photographs are when the makeup artist is putting on the finishing touches - a dash or bronzer or blusher, lipstick or gloss!  

This way you'll feel more confident in front of the camera, look amazing and your Bridesmaids will be dressed & ready to help you in to your dress or pop open the champagne!  You'll have all your fab details shots taken (dress, shoes, veil, tiara, jewellery, perfume etc...) and I'll be there to capture you and your beautiful ladies laughing, giggling and having fun together!

2.     Forget to Delegate

Although I've never had a 'Bridezilla', some Brides can get very stressed the morning of their wedding day.  The reason is simple - they forget to delegate!  Getting married is a huge thing in itself emotionally, but it's also pretty stressful trying to plan and organise a huge event with 100s of people!

Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen are there to help you - that's their job!  Write down a list of all the things that need doing in the week leading up to the wedding day and on the day itself.  Which tasks can you give to your Bridesmaids, Best Man, Groomsmen / Ushers or Parents?  Even if it's only a few tasks off your list, it will make the lead up to your wedding much more relaxing and enjoyable for you!

Top Tip:  Hire a fabulous wedding planner to take all the stress away!

3.     Winter versus Summer Ceremony Time

When you're planning your wedding remember to consider the time of year you are getting married.  A Summer wedding at 3pm is great, but in Autumn or Winter, you will be left with very little light outside within an hour or two!

If you'd like to get married at sunset, (which OMG is BEAUTIFUL!) check out this link to find out what time the sun sets on the date you have in mind.  You'll need to start the ceremony about 30 minutes before this time to catch the golden hour which gives a beautiful golden soft glow to your photographs.  Remember, once the sun has set, that's it, no more natural light so you have to be on time!

Weddings in the morning are great if you have lots planned fr the reception or have a distance to travel in between your ceremony & reception location.  However, if you are the kind of personal that typically runs a bit on the late side, you may want to give yourself extra time in the morning.

Another thing to consider here is food.  People get really hungry at weddings!  As the Bride, you probably wont have eaten much (if anything!) the morning of your wedding day and most of your guests (especially women) are likely not to have eaten much either.  You'll want to take into consideration when your wedding breakfast will be (ie your sit down meal or buffet) and if you are having canapes or not.

4.     Not Allowing Enough Time for Photographs

If you want beautiful photographs on your wedding day, you really do have to plan it in to your schedule right from the start.  Weddings tend to run late for one reason or another and as your Wedding Photographer, I want to give you the absolute best I can! 

If the day has started to run late for some reason, it eats into your photography time and before you know it, the sun has gone in, it's getting dark or it's time to sit down for your meal.  At that point there's not much you can do unless you want your wedding guests eating cold food!  So please, plan your wedding photos into your schedule!

Here's a great post I wrote recently to help you do just that!

5.     Take a Breath

Step back, look around you and breathe it all in.  You did it!  You planned this incredible wedding, you married the person of your dreams and look at everyone having so much fun!

This day will only happen once and look at how incredible it is!  See the laughter and smiles of your friends - you helped to create those moments.  Watch your parents hugging family members they haven't seen for years - it's because of you that it's happening right now.  Look at how beautiful all your decorations are, your wedding cake that you just couldn't decide on and the venue that you chose as the perfect place to marry the love of your life.

Enjoy this moment.  When the clock strikes 12, your perfect day will be over - all you'll have left is your Husband and your photographs.