Wedding Venue Spotlight: Henley Hall, Ludlow

Wedding Photography at Henley Hall, Ludlow

If you’re recently engaged and are looking for a special wedding venue in Ludlow,  look no further than Henley Hall

I am so honoured to know the wonderful Helen Phillips who owns and lives at Henley Hall.  As a wedding photographer, I can guarantee that Helen will not only look after you,she will delight and pamper you too!

I put together a team of amazing wedding suppliers and we styled a luxurious wedding at Henley Hall.  I wanted to show you how beautiful this Ludlow wedding venue is!

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Confetti inspiration for a trendy 2018 wedding

The confetti photo is one of the most iconic photographs taken at weddings.  In recent years it has become more and more popular for couples to supply their own confetti to ensure they get the confetti shot they really want.  From the traditional guests throwing confetti over the happy couple to the kids playing with confetti, blowing confetti into the camera and a group throwing confetti shot, you can really be creative when it comes to your confetti moment.

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Personal Branding Photoshoot in Lawley Village, Telford - Claire Thomas-Davis

Claire is a Mother, Wife and owns her own business!  She reached out to me via Facebook for her Personal Branding photos for her website (coming soon!)

After chatting for a while, we delved into the type of images that Claire was looking for, and decided on a casual, magazine styled look for her website photos.  She wanted something, relaxed, happy and professional in an outdoor location.

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Apley Woods Engagement Photos - Stefanie & Matthew

Apley Woods, how I love you!  As soon as Stefanie mentioned that she wanted her Engagement photos taken in the woodlands, I knew Apley Woods was the place for her!

We had the most beautiful autumn day - the sun was shining through the trees, illuminating their golden brown tones and shimmering off the lake, turning it's waters the most beautiful blue-green and sparking in the background - it really was as magical as its sounds!

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It's YOUR Time Now! Portfolio for an Actress - Sarah

Sarah & I chatted about how a lot of women, especially us curvy women, hide behind the camera and worry so much about how we look that we never really exist in photographs anymore.  This makes me so sad!  I want my children & grandchildren to grow up loving and valuing themselves for who they are as people, instead of worrying what people will think of them - and missing out on incredible moments because of this!

After Sarah had her hair and makeup done in the dressing room, it was time for us to pick outfits for her photoshoot!  Sarah fell in love with this beautiful fitted green sequin gown from the studio wardrobe (which I call my ‘Ariel’ from the Little Mermaid dress!) and we chose a soft natural lace dress too.

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Do you need a professional Wedding Photographer?

Imagine that your friend or Uncle Joe took some pictures at your wedding for you - weddings are expensive, we know that, and you wanted to save some money.  Perhaps you didn't even think that the photographs would be that important to you and you just wanted some pictures to record the day.  

Uncle Joe shoots away all day and is happy with his shots, in fact, he flicked through them at dinner and found some gorgeous ones of the newly-weds first kiss.  He gets home and later that week he uploads the pictures from his camera to his computer to burn them to a disc for you.  The card has been corrupted.  All the files are lost.  

Lets think of another example (again, one we hear about all too often)

It's the middle of the afternoon and Uncle Joe is doing some group shots.  

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10 Hair & Makeup Tips for the Festive Season
  • Eyeshadow

Smokey browns and golds are my go to palettes for Christmas day, I feel you can really use these to make any eye colour pop but still keeping it quite natural and low key. Remember to always do the eyes before the skin! That way if there is any fall down this can be cleaned before putting your base on.

  • Skin

Whether you prefer a flawless finish or a light base I think having a gorgeous base really makes the rest of your look stand out so make sure you try out a few foundations before hand to decide which one gives you best finish! Also adding an illuminator to your cheekbones will add radiance to your skin almost instantly!

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I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and that’s OK.

This is probably the most personal post I’ve ever written.  I’ve just stepped off the scales.  I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life.

I’ve never stepped on the scales before and been happy with the numbers that take a painstakingly long few seconds to show up.  Even when I’d lost a few stone for my wedding back in 2010 and was the slimmest I’ve been in a decade.

But this week, I noticed a few things that have really changed for me.  And they’re huge.  In fact, to me personally, they are the biggest changes I’ve made from within myself.

Let me explain.  I know I’m overweight.  As with every person in the world, there are a few things I could do about that.

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Evening Dresses now at Romance Bridal Studio, Bridgnorth


Rebecca wants to provide women in and around Bridgnorth, Shropshire the most beautiful gowns she can find – whether it's your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses or something special for your Christmas Party, Ball or evening with a loved one. 

That’s why Romance Bridal Studio’s Evening Dress Collection was born!  Not only are these dresses perfectly made, come in a host of different colours, sizes and styles, but they are perfect for your special occasion or your bridesmaids!

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How to Lace a Wedding Dress?

Bridal Preparations are one of my favourite parts of the wedding day.  I love the excitement, anticipation and fun that happens before the ceremony begins!

There are so many things to think about during the bridal preparations though and there have been many occasions when I have laced up the Brides wedding dress as false nails or the lack of glasses make this job difficult!  Even though I sometimes do this, I always get the Bridesmaids or Mother of the Bride to make any final 'adjustments' so you have that special moment with your Mum or Best Friend - and of course the photographs to go with it!

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Do you need to look 10 years younger?

You probably read that title and either thought YES! straight away or got really annoyed that society keeps throwing age in your face.  Either way, what I’m going to say next is specifically for you, so read on!

I’m not anti-age.  I don’t think that women should hide their laughter lines or drop a dress size to look beautiful.  Although, I understand that some women want to.   

In fact, I know they don’t need to look 10 years younger to feel confident and gorgeous.  I’ve seen it.

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